Monday afternoon session information

Session 1 – 13:15-14:45, Monday 15th April

A choice of three sessions:

Research Funding & Scholarship of Learning Development

Dr Maria Kukhareva & Dr Carina Buckley (Research & Development Working Group)

Each year, we observe ever-increasing interest in Learning Development research across the Higher Education community. This trend also brings to light the dynamic interaction between scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and scholarship of Learning Development.

As a response to these trends, we will run this interactive workshop as two parts. In part one, you will have an opportunity to share ideas and help shape the understanding of scholarship of Learning Development. In part two, we will provide insights into the process of applying for ALDinHE research funding.

A Network to Explore Leadership and Management within Learning Development

Tim Hinchcliffe; Carina Buckley; Sonia Hood (Communications & Membership Working Group)

Building on the success of the workshop ‘Who am I today? The dualist life of a learning development manager’, delivered last year by Tim Hinchcliffe, ALDinHE has decided to launch a network to facilitate a distinct forum/space for leaders in Learning Development to explore issues pertinent to Learning Development that are distinct and yet complimentary to the practice-based discourse of the general membership.

This workshop will aim to provide an opportunity for members to feed into what issues the network will focus on in the next year, how to encourage as wide a representation in the network as possible, and how to best facilitate discussions so that they can be both meaningful and substantial.

The LearnHigher Resource Swap Shop

Jennie Dettmer (LearnHigher Working Group)

The LearnHigher Resource Swap Shop will give presenters the chance to showcase a resource that they have previously used in their teaching. There will be the opportunity to discuss the rationale for the resource, the skills being taught and how the resource was delivered to students. The winners of the Learnhigher Prize Draw competition will also be announced and their resources will be showcased along with a range of resources from the website. This will be followed by a demonstration of how to upload your resources to the website.

Session 2 – 15:00-16:00, Monday 15th April

A choice of three sessions:

ALDinHE Professional Recognition Scheme (CeP/CeLP)

Steve Briggs (ALDinHE Co-Chair); Kat Koulle; Adam Carter

Following the launch of ALDinHE’s new national recognition scheme in 2018, over 50 individuals have received recognition to date. This session will be led by members of the ALDinHE Professional Development Working Group who played lead roles in developing the scheme. Presenters will introduce you to the two pathways: 1) Certified Practitioner (CeP) and 2) Certified Leading Practitioner (CeLP). We will also guide you through the application processes and provide an opportunity to discuss what evidence you could use in support of your application.

Writing for the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

John Hilsdon (Journal Editor); Alicja Syska; Craig Morley; Andy Hagyard

Come and join the conversation about how the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education is evolving! This is our 10th anniversary year and we are marking it by:

  • Making innovative changes to our review process
  • Preparing a special edition on academic literacies in association with the Global Forum for English for Academic Purposes Professionals (BALEAP)
  • Launching a pioneering, collaborative approach to critical literature review
  • Migrating to a new version of the Open Journal System which will allow a multi-media approach to publication
  • Vigorously promoting research presented at ALDinHE conferences in annual special editions.

In the session, we will answer questions about these new exciting developments and offer some insights into the publishing process.

Facilitating Learning Development Workshops

Helen Webster (Professional Development Working Group Co-Chair)

Last year, ALDinHE’s Professional Development Working Group launched its new CPD session on one to one practice for Learning Developers new to this kind of work. This year, we’re adding a new session to the programme, on Learning Development Workshops. Helen Webster will be piloting some of the materials for this event as a taster. This is an opportunity to reflect on developing and facilitating workshops, discuss the challenges and share practice, particularly suitable for early career LDers.


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