Dr Alicja Syska

Award: CeLP (2019)


Alicja is a Learning Developer for Arts and Humanities and a Lecturer in History at the University of Plymouth. She is also Co-Lead Editor at the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. She has a PhD in American Studies from Saint Louis University, USA, and is a Fellow of the HEA as well as an SI/PASS supervisor. At the University of Plymouth, she has developed, implemented and now oversees Stand Out, an employability scheme for humanities students. Her research interests include using visual methods in teaching, student employability, and all aspects of academic writing, especially in the humanities.

How can I support Learning Developers?

How I can support Learning Developers: As an editor, I would be happy to support aspiring authors in the publishing process. In addition, I have a lot of experience and interest in creating workshops and teaching materials, delivering one-to-one work, course design, assessment, and giving feedback. As a hybrid academic I have a unique insight into working practices and student partnerships, which I would be also keen to share.

Subject categories I advise on: Academic Literacy (Reading and Writing), Assessment, Feedback and Course Design, Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring, Study Skills, Visual Literacy and Presentation Skills

Contact: alicja.syska@plymouth.ac.uk

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