Collaboration Webinar

29 Jul 2020 - 29 Jul 2020

Date and Time: Wednesday 29th July 2020 11.00 – 12.00

Location: Online

Presenters: Carina Buckley, ALDinHE Co-Chair and David Baume, who was the founding Chair of SEDA


As part of ALDinHE’s goal to build partnerships with other educational organisations, you are invited to this two-part invitation:

  1. To take part in the first in a new series of webinars
  2. To contact us with your stories about collaboration between learning development and academic development


1. You are invited to this webinar on Wednesday 29th July at 11am. The aims are:

  • To help learning developers and academic developers get to know better what each other does, and
  • To explore ways in which learning development and academic development can work more closely and effectively together within their institutions

After a brief introduction about cooperation, Carina Buckley, ALDinHE Co-Chair, will introduce learning development to academic developers, and David Baume, who was the founding Chair of SEDA, will introduce academic development to learning developers.

2. But the most important part of the webinar will be learning developers and academic developers telling brief stories about collaboration between these two development functions. Of course there will be Q&A, and live chat alongside. This part of the webinar will only work if you tell some stories. So, as well as inviting you to the webinar, Carina and David also invite you to send us, ahead of time, brief  stories about collaboration. If you have a story, or an idea for a story, please contact us. Email addresses below.

Whether we are able to include your story in the webinar or not, we have created a repository for stories and resources about collaboration. It’s very thin at the moment. But, with your help, it will grow. These stories and resources will be complementary to the excellent resources already provided by, in this case, ALDinHE and SEDA. We hope that, over time, the repository will grow to contain stories about collaboration much more widely across developers and development functions in higher education, to support wider cooperation. But we are starting here.

We look forward very much to hearing from you with stories, and to welcoming you to this webinar. Please register here.

Carina Buckley,

David Baume,

Link to booking


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