Using visual sources to develop analytical thinking.

28 May 2020 - 28 May 2020

Presenter(s): Alicja Syska

Session recording: View recording

Slides from the session: Click this link to download the slides from this session


The potential of visual sources to encourage deeper thinking in higher education has been widely explored in literature (Brown, 2004; Morrell and Duncan-Andrade, 2004; Van Horn, 2008; Zenkov and Harmon, 2009; Lackovic, 2010). Images can be fruitfully deployed to help students engage in reflection or to simply trigger discussion (Berger, 1972) in an ostensibly low stakes and inclusive environment where everyone can offer a visual interpretation. Analysing images does not require demonstration of specialist knowledge but is an acquired skill and, as such – I discovered – lends itself beautifully to LD practice in a range of areas. This session will present an interactive exercise I run with students (at all levels) to inspire a different way of understanding critical analysis, and offer insights into its effectiveness (as well as limitations). The participants will be encouraged to play along or just watch the process, and, ultimately, to incorporate images into their own educator’s toolkit.


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