International Consortium for Academic Language and Learning Development

In November 2014, ALDinHE signed a Memorandum of Agreement with:

This agreement creates a new International Consortium of Academic Language and Learning Developers. Our four Associations undertake to extend benefits granted to our own members to bona-fide members of the other Associations. These reciprocal benefits include:

  • Access to the websites and online discussion forums of the partner associations;
  • Access to learning resources and publications of the partner associations;
  • Attendance at conferences and events at local members’ rates;
  • Opportunities for collaborative research and professional networking.

The Associations’ websites (see below) demonstrate the range of expertise and resources that exist within the academic language and learning development communities in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. To access any “Members only” areas under this agreement, you need to be a current member of ALDinHE (either Individual Member or employed at an Institutional Member)*. Simply identify yourself to the relevant association administrator using your registered email address.


* Access to reciprocal benefits from AALL, ATLAANZ and LSAC is only open to current members of ALDinHE. Individual members will be identified by name and email address; institutional members will be identified by a bona fide email address from a member institution. ALDinHE will make these details available to the secretaries of the partner associations. Individuals who do not wish their name to appear on these lists may opt out by contacting but this means they will not be eligible to access the reciprocal benefits.


Welcome to colleagues from AALL, ATLAANZ and LSAC!

These are the ways you can access the resources and services of ALDinHE......

1) The LDHEN email discussion list

Our mailing list (listserv) is hosted by JISCmail ( and is one of the most active and longest established. It is free to subscribe and join in the discussion, and is moderated with a light touch. Simply go to and sign up!

2) The Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Our online peer-reviewed journal (JLDHE) is open access and free to all. Simply follow the links on this website, or click . The editorial team welcome contributions for future editions, and are pleased to hear from people who would be interested in becoming a reviewer.

3) LearnHigher

This online bank of high quality resources to support students' learning development was created through government funding between 2005-2010 and is now maintained by ALDinHE. It is a freely available collaborative resource ( and we welcome contributions, which will be supportively peer reviewed.

4) Annual Conference and Events

The popular ALDinHE annual conference usually takes place in the week before Easter. We would be delighted to welcome members of AALL, ATLAANZ and LSAC, and will offer you a discounted "member rate". Similarly, we will extend members rates if you are able to attend any of our other regional events that we run from time to time.

5) Collaborative Research and Professional Networking

Through our International Consortium, the executives of AALL, ALDinHE, ATLAANZ and LSAC  are looking into ways of supporting international collaborative research and professional networking. Details will be made available, or contact your home association directly if you have any ideas or suggestions for international collaboration.

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