Sandra Abegglen

Award: CeP (2019)


Sandra Abegglen is Researcher at the University of Calgary (Canada). Her research interests are in academic literacies, peer mentoring, creative learning and teaching methods, inclusion, visual narratives, identity, and qualitative research. She has written about her research and teaching practice in a variety of journals. She has also published several book chapters and a book. Please visit her website for more information about her educational and professional background – and a detailed list of publications:

How can I support Learning Developers?

I have a background in education, social science, social work and nursing enabling me to work multi- and inter-disciplinary. I am passionate about learning and teaching methods that empowers students and thus I have a strong interest in widening participation, student wellbeing, peer learning, creativity/play and academic literacies. I would be very happy to support/share best practice in any of these areas. I am also interested in conferences/workshops that focus on learning development – and collaborative writing projects that promote the idea of “writing to learn”.

Subject categories I advise on: Academic Literacy (Reading and Writing), Assessment, Feedback and Course Design, Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring, Playful and Creative Learning


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