Steering Group Roles

Co-Chair for the Steering Group – Role 1

co-chair Purpose

  • Act as a figurehead (with the other co-chair) for the association.
  • Provide strategic leadership and co-ordination related to collaborations and partnerships.

Key responsibilities

  • Organise and chair the monthly meetings
  • Maintain the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Respond to info@aldinhe queries as required
  • Attend and when necessary chair ICALLD steering group meetings
  • Liaise with other organisations as required
  • Support conference preparation (onsite at the venue)
  • Coordinate and plan the programme for the annual resi
  • Project management (as required by the association)
  • Develop and deliver conference sessions reflecting ALDinHE priorities
  • Co-author annual co-chair report for the AGM
  • Support other association members to undertake their duties

Co-Chair for the Steering Group – Role 2

co-chair Purpose

  • Act as a figurehead (with the other co-chair) for the association.
  • Provide strategic leadership and co-ordination related to professional development.

Key responsibilities

  • Define a clear direction for professional recognition and CPD work
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Chair meetings (if other co-chair is unavailable)
  • As required, respond to ALDinHE-related queries
  • As required, liaise with other associations/organisations
  • Support conference preparation (onsite at the venue)
  • Attend the annual resi
  • Project management (as required by the association)
  • Support other association members to undertake their duties
  • Develop and deliver conference sessions reflecting ALDinHE priorities
  • Co-author annual co-chair report


treasurer Purpose

The role of treasurer is to monitor and action spending – the steering group makes decisions about what to spend our finances on.

Key responsibilities

  • Maintain accurate financial records and present at the AGM
  • Provide financial reporting
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems, monitoring and controls are in place
  • Ensure proper records are kept
  • Manage bank accounts
  • Action payments


secretary Purpose

  • Process institutional and individual memberships
  • Process annual conference registrations and associated tasks
  • Contribute the proper administration and governance of the Association

Key responsibilities

  • Keep membership database updated
  • Process conference registration & payment
  • Prepare membership report for the AGM
  • Consolidate and expand institutional membership

Co-Chair for the Communications Working Group

communications Purpose

To be concerned with the external presence and image of the association

Key responsibilities

  • Encourage people to contribute to the work of the WG
  • Liaise with other WGs and the SG
  • Set WG priorities for the year, in alignment with overall association strategy
  • Support and help others to communicate effectively with the membership
  • Support the professionalism, standard of service, branding of the association
  • Facilitate (general, not specialist) communities and dialogue, information flows and accessibility, e.g. LDHEN, Twitter, Mangers Network, website

Co-Chair for the Conference Committee

conference Purpose

Lead on the organisation, promotion, operation and review of the annual conference

Key responsibilities

  • Administrate committee meetings (scheduling; ensuring everyone has access to previous minutes, agenda and any other documents)
  • Motivate and remind members to undertake agreed tasks
  • Encourage communication at and between meetings
  • Look for ways to improve/streamline/develop processes and systems relating to the responsibilities of that committee (e.g. the task spreadsheet for the Conference)
  • Ensure the conference is a success
  • Update the SG on the committee’s actions, decisions, etc.
  • Liaise with Comms & Membership co-chairs

Co-Chair for the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Working Group


The purpose of the Journal for Learning Development in Higher Education working group is to be responsible for the overall production of the journal as a high quality, peer-reviewed, online academic journal.

Key responsibilities

  • To seek and encourage the submission of papers, case studies, opinion pieces,
    editorials, reviews and other material suitable for inclusion in the journal
  • To seek and encourage participation in the JLDHE by academics and professionals
    of good standing to act as reviewers for the journal
  • To publicise and promote the journal in relevant contexts
  • To make all day-to-day decisions on how best to achieve progress in the production,
    editing and publication of the JLDHE
  • To hold regular meetings to review the progress of each edition of the journal and to
    allocate the necessary review, editorial, proof-reading and administrative tasks to
    JWG members or others as appropriate

Co-Chair for the Learn Higher Working Group

learn-higher Purpose

Lead on developing strategies and plans to offer/maintain a user friendly and accessible resource repository for Learning development resources open to all members of the learning development community.

Key responsibilities

  • Curate all LH assets
  • Administration of working group meetings and materials
  • Report progress to the steering group and at residential meetings
  • Disseminate working group outputs to wider ALDinHE and communities
  • Encourage and embed practice in regional, national and international (where appropriate) academic institutions
  • Lead, guide and support on strategies for the optimal usage of the LH site
  • Lead, guide and support the development of the LH site
  • Liaise with information system specialists (Vertical Plus and related)
  • Encourage and support LDers to engage with professional development through use of and submission to the LH site
  • Recognise LDer contribution towards the LH site
  • Support the work and development of the working group members
  • Recruitment and selection of new members to working group
  • Prepare, negotiate and manage tasks and projects
  • Manage review and publication of new resources
  • Monitor usage statistics and user base
  • Research trends in the changing higher educational landscape

Co-Chair for the Professional Recognition Working Group


Provide operational leadership related to professional development

Key responsibilities

  • Schedule meetings and set agenda
  • Chair meetings
  • Coordinate the professional recognition scheme
  • Maintain oversight of PDWG project scoping
  • Oversight of PD web pages
  • Coordinate CPD activities if the other co-chair is unavailable
  • Co-author annual PDWG report

Co-Chair for the Research Development Working Group

research and development Purpose

Support and lead on the development of a research- and evidence-based understanding of Learning Development

Key responsibilities

  • Coordinate the funding application, review and reporting process
  • Ensure the communication flow between the WG and SG, where appropriate
  • Produce an annual report for the Association’s AGM and website.
  • Welcome new members and maintain communication with the current members
  • Ensure that the WG members are appropriately supported in their involvement with ALDinHE activity
  • Schedule and run monthly meetings for the WG
  • Ensure that the working group’s Terms of Reference are adhered to and revised accordingly and in discussion with the SG.
  • Ensure that individual group members contribute in some way to the overall aims of the working group and ALDinHE as a whole.
  • Ensure that there is appropriate work for the group taking into account membership size and commitment.

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