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ALDinHE is committed to representing and supporting all those working in the field of Learning Development (LD) in the UK. We aim to cultivate a community of practice, promote discussion and ideas exchange, and further the professional development of our members by offering training opportunities and quality assurance.


We aim to represent professionals employed in the field of Learning Development in Higher Education, primarily in the UK and Ireland, and those with an active interest in the field. ALDinHE promotes discussion about effective models for LD, cultivate a community of practice and act as a support network for the general professional development of staff involved with LD. 

ALDinHE Steering Group presenting at the Annual Conference
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We are guided by five values:

  1. Working alongside students to make sense of and get the most out of HE learning
  2. Making HE inclusive through emancipatory practice, partnership working and collaboration
  3. Adopting and sharing effective Learning Development practice with (and external to) our own institutions
  4. Critical self-reflection, on-going learning and a commitment to professional development
  5. Commitment to a scholarly approach and research related to Learning Development.

What is learning development?

All students should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and find enjoyment in learning.

Learning development in higher education is the practice of working alongside students to enable them to achieve their goals and reach their potential by teaching, demystifying, and challenging academic practices and conventions.

Learning development professionals are scholarly, research-informed practitioners who teach, facilitate, and provide support and advocacy for students.

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White door with a blue sign that reads, The Writers Retreat

Professional Recognition Writing Retreats (online)

The recognition scheme is open for applications all year round. Join us on an online writing retreat to progress your Certified Practitioner (CeP) and Certified Leading Practitioner (CeLP) award. The CeP and CeLP awards promote Learning Development as a profession in its own right. Successful applicants receive formal recognition of their specialist knowledge and practice. This demonstrates expertise to both current and prospective employers, and might also be useful when applying for HEA fellowship. Successful applicants are: Given a certificate in recognition of their Learning Development expertise. Added to a list of CePs on the ALDinHE website – publically recognising…

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CeP and CeLP Certificates

Professional Recognition Reviewer Training for CeP and CeLP

Have you been awarded as a Certified Practitioner (CeP) in Learning Development or a Certified Leading Practitioner (CeLP)? Would you like to be a reviewer for professional recognition CeP – Certified Practitioners applications? Reviewers will be expected to offer standardised feedback to applicants and adhere to a strict time frame when reviewing applications. You will be able to dip in and out of the reviewing windows so there will be no expectation to review applications each month. (You would only be asked to mentor applicants to match the level of certification you have received). The training will be online. Monday…

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