Steering Group Nominations for 2021

Dr Erika Corradini, University of Southampton, supported by Dr Carina Buckley

I am Principal Teaching Fellow in Higher Education in the Centre for Higher Education Practice at the University of Southampton. In this role I drive forward education and learning development in partnership with students and academic staff. In my activity I foster the values of ALDHE through adopting a participatory, aspirational and evidence-based approach to learning design and learning development. I mentor and coach academic staff to engage with and to adopt critical, reflective and inquisitive approaches to developing their practice and their professional portfolios. In my activity I commit to a scholarly approach to learning and teaching: in this area I designed resources and sessions centred on education enquiry which I run as part of the university CPD programme. In this area, I also have supported the work of ALDHE RDWG for the past 2 years.

I should like to apply to become a member of the ALDHE steering group because I trust that I would bring to the group new perspectives, especially though not exclusively in the areas of evidence-based education and curriculum design for which I design sessions, resources and carry out projects and research. In turn, I trust that I would promote the values of ALDHE in my institution and more broadly across my activity nationally and internationally. What attracts me the most in potentially becoming a member of the steering group is the opportunity to share novel perspectives on learning development, to work collegially with colleagues from other institutions, to influence learning development beyond the boundaries of a single institution. I would bring to the role my expertise and experience of many years in learning support, my enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching. For all these reasons, I would like to express an interest in becoming part of the steering group.

Dr Steph Allen, Bournemouth University, supported by Sheryl Mansfield

I am a Learning Development Lecturer leading a small team of LD academics and researchers within one faculty hosting four departments. Our academic community is the only one of its kind within the University and a much-envied model across the campus. It was hailed by John Hilsdon as being “sector leading”. Our team continues to innovate and push boundaries in line with student pedagogical needs and abilities. I also teach on a range of MA courses including Law, Media and Communication, and Marketing Communications. In another part of my professional practice, I am branch secretary, membership secretary, H & S Rep, and treasurer for the UCU (campus-based recognized union) and Treasurer for the southern region. The roles are focused on working conditions and rights and needs of academic staff.

In terms of the LD work, it is much misunderstood and often casually conflated with Study Skills rather than considering the holistic pedagogical, spiritual, pastoral, environmental, and cultural influences that supports and motivates learning. There is a need to raise awareness about LD and encourage staff to openly acknowledge their work through quality professionalisation and accreditation to avoid accusations of being “just help”.

Interests and what I can offer to the Association

  • I am applying for a role in the Accreditation side of ALDinHE. This is because I was unaware of CEP and CELP (refocused activities elsewhere pre- and during covid yr 1) and would like to get involved in raising awareness and promoting the accreditation opportunities to like-minded others.
  • I have good communication and strong organizational skills which are essential for taking projects forward. Having been involved with UCU work both locally and regionally, being re-elected annually since 2014 suggests this is not a bold claim.
  • I am able to pre-block my calendar for Thursday mornings and look forward to meeting colleagues and attending the wider activities.

Gill Bradley, Newcastle College University Centre, supported by Sandra Sinfield

As an experienced Post-16 Education Manager who has led staff and student development interventions across a range of academic and pastoral areas, I feel I could made a significant and proactive contribution to ALDinHE. My current role is Academic Achievement Co-ordinator at Newcastle College University Centre (NCG) where I lead learning enhancement and student support initiatives. I am always looking to develop innovative and effective support strategies for different stakeholder groups such as widening participation, young adult carers and our care experienced cohort. Becoming part of the steering group would allow me to share good practice from my institution and reflect on the innovative activities taking place elsewhere. I bring with me a wealth of experience from working across a number of north east educational institutions in secondary, further and higher education.

My current institution NCUC is an inner-city FE into HE institution, I feel passionately that I could represent this sector and reflect the diversity of the HE landscape in ALDHE decision making. Students transitioning into HE from wholly BTEC vocational pathways face unique challenges and my role in learning enhancement is key to highlighting developments needed in this area. Other areas of leadership involve embedding wellbeing into our curriculum footprint, leadership of a Si-Pass accredited Peer Support network and embracing post-covid learning and development strategies.

The prospect of working with other key stakeholders in the HE sector is very exciting, and I hope that my experiences to date would enable me to make a positive contribution.

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