ALDcon23 Session Chair Registration

Please sign up for ALL sessions you'd be available to chair - including more than one per parallel session. This will give us a bank of sessions chairs from which to allocate the individual sessions.

Friday 9th June

  • Going beyond remedial learning support: Reframing Learning Development as a catalyst for practice learning.
  • Learning Development in a time of disruption.
  • Understanding student preferences for one to one writing appointments post-pandemic.
  • Reflections on a peer-led Writing Café
  • Nurturing learning development through student feedback.
  • ‘Learning so much…’: Exploring the student perspective on the impact of attending optional LD workshops
  • How can collaborative reading techniques impact confidence and belonging?
  • Impact assessment of academic support provided by tertiary learning advisors: Sharing an endeavour.
  • Enhancing the Learning Development of Student Partners through the curriculum diversification ‘Hidden Histories’ project.
  • Enhancing attainment and belonging at the London College of Fashion: a proactive, personalised approach to address limitations of the academic support provision
  • Podcasts as a Medium for Connection in Academic Libraries.
  • Value of Reflective Learning for Nursing students: case studies of critical reflection within applied Gibbs model of reflection.

Tuesday 13th June

  • Impact of Machine Translation software on students’ interaction and participation in class.
  • “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…” – What students want after non-submission of an assignment of Student Partners through the curriculum diversification ‘Hidden Histories’ project.
  • Students as partners: enhancing employability skills through running transition book clubs.
  • Establishing faculty-based peer-led Pomodoro® online study communities.
  • Preparing Sixth-Form students for the transition into Higher Education: Developing key research skills through the EPQ.
  • Exploring learning development from the perspectives of Black students.
  • Addressing the awarding gap, fostering belonging: developing enhanced academic skills support for our Birmingham Scholars.
  • Better student outcomes at University of Portsmouth - How data informed targeted intervention can support student success.
  • Tales of a three-year journey to integrating academic and information literacy skills in an education course.
  • The “Master’s Dissertation Fair”: reflections on impact and future development.
  • The highs and lows of written feedback.
  • Inhabiting the in-between space: LD and EDI policy.

Wednesday 14th June

  • Together in electric dreams: Inventing an online asynchronous Community of Practice for Learning Developers working with health students.
  • Academic skills for everyone? Interactive vs accessible and open access vs personalisation.
  • Mattering vs Belonging and the impact of Academic Advisors: Online Professional part-time students - a case study.
  • Manual notetaking and its effect on increasing student engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Ways of rethinking inclusion for disabled students in Higher Education.
  • Transforming transitions: Learning and Researcher Developers and a whole-institution approach to successful transition.
  • Learning Development Mentor provision – How it’s going.
  • Enhancing employability and engagement with the University through the Student Experience Leaders (SEL) Scheme.
  • Fostering belonging: An inter-disciplinary journal club.
  • How a learning skills course addressed transition, diversity and inclusion, and a sense of belonging for mature students seeking entrance to university – Reflections of a Canadian Learning Specialist.
  • Great expectations: four writing tendencies for actionable self-knowledge.
  • Bridging the Transition Gap.
  • Skill Audit – The journey of exploring how diagnostic assessment could be used to promote reflective learning.
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