Professional Development Sessions 1: 14.45 – 15.45

From the Conference and Beyond: Collaborative Writing with JLDHE and the LD Community

Journal Editorial Board


This workshop will set out the process of collaborative writing explored by the JLDHE editorial teams in partnership with the ALDinHE community at and following ALDCon’22 through The Collaborative Conference Proceedings and Reflections. We will discuss how the collaborative writing venture gave presenters an opportunity to open up their work to community responses and to document their experience of this dialogue with the LD community. We will describe how, using their conference abstract and Google docs, presenters could engage with their audiences to record live responses to their work, to reflect and respond to these responses, and to generate ideas in respect to taking their research forwards or enhancing their practice. We will examine how working with the JLDHE on this collaborative writing venture gave presenters an innovative way to open up a dialogue with our community of readers providing a unique opportunity to extend their conference conversations in a way that shapes LD practice for the future.

In the session, we will share the steps involved in the collaborative writing process and invite questions and reflections. Using testimonials from writers who participated last year we will open up discussion and seek to reassure and address any concerns in community with editors and writers who have previously negotiated some of these challenges. We welcome community input into how to make the Collaborative Proceedings more inclusive and open to benefit all those who wish to be involved in the future.

Attendees will participate in shaping the collaborative partnership going forwards; they will leave with an understanding of what it means to be involved and a sense of how this innovative work may enrich their conference experience and how it is being received across the sector.

Session outline:

Icebreaker task: What are the benefits of engaging with our community writing venture?

(sets positive tone and gets people thinking about this as an attractive prospect)

Testimonials from the community: Sharing of data and insights from the JLDHE editors and writers from ALDCon’22, including quotes from the writers who participated in this experience, what it meant to them, what they liked/disliked, how they found it, and what it was like working with the JLDHE.

Discussion around any concerns or worries in relation to getting involved. Are there any barriers? Use menti or padlet to gather these anonymously and the facilitators will then address some of the concerns.

Q&A with participants from last year (editors and writers): Gives attendees the chance to ask questions directly from those who were involved.

What changes would you like to see? What do you want from us going forwards? Share our desired vision in respect to the community venture and the journal more widely. Ask our audience to share ideas for any changes they would like us to make.

How you can get the most of the experience: Set out how attendees can get involved with collaborative writing and how they can support it through guest-editing.

Location: Portland Building 1.66

ALDinHE Professional Recognition Scheme (CeP/CeLP)

Sheryl Mansfield (Co-Chair Professional Recognition Working Group)


The professional recognition awards acknowledge that the Learning Development profession can have diverse roles but still demonstrate similar values. This session will outline the two professional recognition awards offered by ALDinHE and offer the opportunity to discuss examples you could use to support your application. The session will offer time to reflect how your practice aligns to these values and discuss examples with other practitioners. It is a great opportunity to ask questions about your application to the working group. 

Location: Portland Building 1.67

You, me and ALDinHE: how we keep the conversation going

Alistair Morey and Maddy Mossman


The ALDinHE Events Group hosts the popular LD@3 online sessions and the newly returned Regional, in-person one day events both of which offer the community an opportunity to share good practice, innovations in teaching, current research and importantly networking.

We will use this session to canvas the community of plans for the next year to understand what works best for you, our members, for example: is 3pm the best time for our LD@3 sessions? And should there be a set day for these sessions? Or should we host at different times? In addition, we will demonstrate how easy it is to run a Regional event and outline all the support we can provide you and your colleagues to host.

You will leave this session with a clearer understanding of our offer, and have a chance to work with members of the group and the wider LD community to develop a plan for either an LD@3 or Regional Event to run in 23/24.

Location: Portland Building 1.51

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