Welcome to ALDCon23

On behalf of the Conference Committee, I am very pleased to welcome you to the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2023, #ALDCon23. 

Following the success of the hybrid conference last year, #ALDCon23 will retain both the online and in-person components. Our online day is 9 June 2023 and our in-person days, hosted by the University of Portsmouth, are 13-14 June 2023.

This year’s conference has three broad strands that have been chosen to reflect emerging themes in Higher Education and in Learning Development:

Melanie Crisfield
  • The impact of Learning Development on transformation and transitions into, through, and out of HE. 
  • The impact of Learning Development on equality, diversity and inclusion for individuals, HE, and society.
  • The impact of Learning Development on a sense of belonging and its value to students, staff and HE.

Learning Development and the current context

As students return more regularly to their campuses, issues of equality, inclusion, and belonging are becoming increasingly important.  Many of our students have suffered from isolation in some way during the pandemic, particularly in their educational environments.  Learning Developers play a key role in helping students understand and navigate higher education, and now more than ever, are well-placed to help foster a sense of community and belonging that is so crucial for our students.  

This year’s conference will highlight the innovative ways in which the Learning Development community supports students and empowers them to make the most of their HE experiences. 

Thanks and appreciation

I would like to thank everyone who has made #ALDCon23 possible. ALDCon could not run without the hard work, creativity, and dedication of the Conference Committee.  I would like to thank the Conference Committee members, particularly our University of Portsmouth hosts. 

Thank you to all of our presenters for agreeing to take time out of their busy schedules to give us their perspectives on a broad-ranging set of topics and to all of the conference delegates for their contributions which are the foundation of this conference.  

Special thanks go out to our sponsors, who help support the conference.

I look forward to coming together in June, both virtually and physically, for an inspiring annual conference.

The ALDinHE Conference Committee wish you a warm welcome and an enjoyable #ALDCon23!

Melanie CrisfieldConference Chair

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