ALDinHE Award

ALDinHE Annual Award

The call for applications is now open. Applications close on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

The ALDinHE Annual Award was launched in 2020 to celebrate great practice and dedicated practitioners in the learning development community. The awards are open to everyone working in learning development.

Nominations are invited from colleagues by sending a brief (300 words) account of a practitioner’s contribution to learning development to Tell us how they have made a difference to students and we will celebrate their achievements.

The call for applications opens in May of each year for 4 weeks and the winners are announced at the Annual Conference held in June.

Our previous winner and nominees can be found here for: 20212020

Nomination guidelines:

  • You can nominate a colleague at your own institution or a different one. You can nominate yourself!
  • The nominations will be reviewed by a committee of our Emeritus members
  • The committee will be looking for a link to the five ALDinHE values and the contribution made to learning development
  • We will publicly recognise all nominees and celebrate the shortlisted nominees.
  • Neither you nor the person you are nominating are required to attend the conference
  • Members of the ALDinHE Steering Group are not eligible for nomination

Congratulations to ALDinHE members who received formal recognition of their specialist knowledge and practice in learning development in 2021-22.

The following members were awarded Certified Practitioners (CeP) and Certified Leading Practitioners (CeLP) in Learning Development:


  • Karen Hudson
  • Rebekka Jolley
  • Chad McDonald
  • Amy West  
  • Ed Bickle  


  • Daisy Abbott

View the complete list of CeP and CeLP holders

CeP and CeLP Award Certificates
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