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LD@3 – The opportunities and challenges of educational escape rooms

Published: 07/06/2022 - Reading Time: 3 min

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Monday 18th July @ 3pm – 4pm Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, the video affordances of MS Teams and google handouts offer a way to connect with our students, however, their limits are the synchronous nature of the technology, the minimal shared experience and the lack of sense of place. The paradigm of adopting games and play as systems for representing and simulating real-life conditions, imparting knowledge and moral teachings, and generally nurturing social evolution, is an approach which has only recently started to be called ‘Game Based Learning (Clarke et al 2017). A recent systematic literature review by Fotaris […]

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LD@3 – Creating a Community of Scholarship: The Criticality Project

Published: 26/05/2022 - Reading Time: 2 min

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Thursday 14th July @ 3pm – 4pm Over the last twenty years, the field of learning development has been caught in circular debates about the value and effectiveness of subject-embedded versus extra-curricular or standalone activities. These debates have over-emphasised the need to consider each subject area in strict isolation. In this paper, we explore the benefits of encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to learning development. We discuss the creation of The Criticality Project, a unique six-week short course open to all students studying at Manchester Metropolitan University that has been running since 2019. Throughout this course, the concept of ‘criticality’ is […]

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“That was a pretty serious jump”: Feelings of ambivalence and complexity of arts-based educators in online environments  

Published: 26/05/2022 - Reading Time: 7 min

Categories: Playful and Creative Learning | Research |

By Dr Selen Kars-Unluoglu (University of the West of England) & Prof Burcu Guneri-Cangarli (Izmir University of Economics) Arts-based methods which traditionally rely on engagement with material artefacts (e.g. LEGO® bricks, finger puppets, craft materials) have been on the rise in management learning and teaching (Taylor and Ladkin, 2009). COVID-19 has challenged educators to adapt these methods to online teaching environments. The challenge was to get learners to move from thinking to thinging (Knappett & Malafouris, 2008)in online environments without the opportunity to pass on, share, co-engage with material artefacts in a physical setting. While there has been some discussion […]

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#Take5 #72 Poetry and pedagogy: Using blackout poetry to build students’ academic reading literacies

Published: 26/05/2022 - Reading Time: 11 min

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Blackout poetry and playful reading This #Take5 blog explores and illustrates the power and potential of blackout poetry and is a thing of real beauty. Just have a look at the amazing way Aimee Merrydew uses it to enhance reading and writing across her literature programme – and pause and think about how to adapt this to your own context.  We love blackout poetry and have used it with students and staff-as-students to help particularly with approaching policy documents. After reading Aimee’s blog we plan to use it with PGCert LTHE staff to help them think through student issues with reading, hoping […]

Aimee Merrydew

LD@3 How to organise and deliver a successful student-led online symposium

Published: 22/05/2022 - Reading Time: 2 min

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Tuesday 21st June @ 3pm – 4pm This webinar is based on the outcome of an ALDinHE funded project, entitled “student led online symposium on culture driven business responses to Covid-19 in Global North and South”. This project was a collaborative effort between students from York Business School (York St John University) and School of Business and Management (Queen Mary University). The main intention of using this student-centred learning approach was to actively involve students in constructing knowledge and engage them more effectively in meaningful understanding through peer collaboration. In addition, the project aimed for helping Business School students develop […]

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What it means to Learning Developers to write and publish, and how that contributes to a sense of professional identity

Published: 04/05/2022 - Reading Time: 1 min

Categories: Research | Education | Research Methodologies and Data Collection |

We – Carina Buckley (Solent) and Alicja Syska (Plymouth) – are carrying out a small research project into what it means to Learning Developers to write and publish, and how that contributes to a sense of professional identity. As such, we are looking for participants to answer a short survey, that should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous; further information is available at the link. The survey will be open throughout May. Many thanks in advance for your support! Survey link: All the best, Carina and Alicja

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LearnHigher experiences welcome!

Published: 29/04/2022 - Reading Time: 2 min

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The LearnHigher Working Group are keen to hear about and share your experiences of the LearnHigher website materials by means of short videos, which may be showcased at the forthcoming ALDcon in June. This can be achieved through three simple steps: Please choose ONE of the following themes: Submitting a resource:How did you find the process? What correspondence did you receive? Have you received/shared your certificate of submission? Promoting a resource:What is your resource? Why did you create it? Who is it aimed at? Why would you recommend it? Using a resource:How did you find your resource? Which resource did […]

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#Take5 #71 Gilly Salmon: Five steps forward

Published: 29/04/2022 - Reading Time: 8 min

Categories: Assessment Feedback and Course Design | Take5 |

This #Take5 blog post is brought to you from Gilly Salmon – and we are so delighted to be able to present her latest thoughts on the 5-stage model for online learning. If not now – when? The 5-stage model: Carpe Diem The 5-stage model for online learning was first built nearly 30 years ago from grounded and action research. (Sure, cue violins!).  It was rooted in social constructivism, learner engagement and scaffolding  when content was still king. Initially, I deployed it to support tutor development – the term I called ‘e-moderating’.  Fast forward through three editions of the book, another on […]

Gilly Salmon

LD@3 – Influencing and leading even when you aren’t in charge

Published: 28/04/2022 - Reading Time: 1 min

Categories: Events | Leadership and Management |

Monday 16th May @ 3pm – 4pm Although it might not always feel like it, we all have the capacity and the potential to influence others and bring about change. Too often ideas of ‘leadership’ can get muddled up with ‘management’, but if we switch focus from authority to relationships, from responsibility to advocacy, and from hierarchy to mentoring, then suddenly leadership becomes a lot more accessible, to everyone. In this session, Carina and Kate share their experiences of leading and influencing and what’s worked for them, and invite you to reflect on how you might already influence others and […]

Authoritative women leading in a meeting

#Take5 #70 Inclusion and Learning Development

Published: 09/04/2022 - Reading Time: 11 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Take5 |

Inclusive practice in learning development (practitioner event) This #Take5 post is brought to you from the ALDinHE Events Working Group (see The group organises our LD@3 programme and this post reflects particularly on a practitioner event on Inclusive practice in Learning Development that took place in September last year. In this post Sandie Donnelly reflects not just on issues relating to inclusivity but also on the nitty gritty of organising an LD@3 – and this particular and very important LD@3.  As you read through, we hope that you might also be inspired to run an LD@3 of your own. Feel the vulnerability […]

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