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Listed below are previous events held by ALDinHE in date order (most recent first) with links to slides, recordings and resources. Alternatively, you can click on a particular subject from the side menu, on the right, to view previous events’ resources by subject topic.

17 January 2024 – LD@3 Bridging the Gap Project with Liv Jonassen, Newcastle University

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24 October 2023 – LD@3 Enhancing the academic journey: Attainment and retention with Kate Swinton, Lorraine-Marie James and Gillian Siddall, University of Northampton

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20 September 2023 – LD@3 ‘In the moment’: planning for adaptive workshops with Jonathan Denham, University of Bradford.

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11 July 2023 – LD@3 Reflections on Learning Development with Nel Boswood, Head of LD at Lancaster University

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20 July 2023 – LD@3 Impact of 1:1 appointments on student attainment.

23 May 2023 – LD@3 Supporting students’ digital assessments: learning development and non-traditional assessments.

25 April 2023 – LD@3 The end of generic academic support? Experience sharing of two cross-course workshops at a London-based institution

28 November 2022 – LD@3 Problem Based Learning (PBL) for engaging Multi Ethnic Men as part of Social Work Education

16 November 2022 – LD@3 Reflective Writing

24 October 2022 – LD@3 Comedy of learning development, part 2

18 July 2022 – LD@3 The opportunities and challenges of educational escape rooms

14 July 2022 – LD@3 Creating a Community of Scholarship: The Criticality Project

21 June 2022 – LD@3 How to organise and deliver a successful student-led online symposium

28 March 2022 – LD@3 The Invisible Labour of Code Switching: Assumed Skills in High School and Higher Education Teaching

16 March 2022 – LD@3 The Comedy of Learning Development

22 February 2022 – LD@3 Study Skills Diagnostic: a multi-stakeholder approach

17th November 2021 – LD@3 Riding the Coronacoaster

14th October 2021 – LD@3 Supporting the Scholarship of Learning Development

10th September 2021 – LD@3 – Inclusive Practice in Learning Development

9th September 2021 – LD@3 – Detecting Contract Cheating Using Investigative Text Analysis

14th July 2021 – LD@3 – What helps students learn? Understanding factors that impact transfer in a literature searching webinar

8th June 2021 – LD@3 – How learning developers can support teaching about climate change?

18th May 2021 – LD@3 – Writing for the JLDHE Compendium

15th March 2021 – Embracing the new: Women leading and influencing in VUCA times

2nd March 2021 – LD@3 – Using Google cardboard to engage students

15th January 2021 – LD@3 – The impact of game based learning on student achievement

8th December 2020 – Supporting induction and transition in online or hybrid environments

Individual session slides and links to recordings:

3rd November 2020 – LD@3 – Interactive collaboration via Google Drawings

20th October – How to teach in a pandemic – ICALLD Symposium Webinar

28th July 2020 – LD@3: A short introduction to the HE landscape in Scotland and the different roles that LDers and ScotHELD play in it

16th July 2020 – LD@3: Supporting students’ learning in maths: three-step online assessments with increasing structural complexity

2nd July 2020 – LD@3: Using audience voting platforms in synchronous remote learning sessions

18th June 2020 – LD@3: Using escape rooms for student inductions – implications for online delivery

28th May 2020 – LD@3: Using visual sources to develop analytical thinking

27th May 2020 – LD@3: Academic writing and emotion

26th May 2020 – LD@3: Strange new worlds: repurposing librarian skills in the changing HE environment

22nd May 2020 – LD@3: Paraphrasing as an Inherently Interpretive Act

21st May 2020 – LD@3: The Learnhigher Experience

20th May 2020 – LD@3: Revisiting Student Engagement: an analysis of students’ motivations for seeking individual learning development support

19th May 2020 – LD@3: What Makes Information Literacy Relevant to Higher Education Students?: The Kaleidoscope Effect

18th May 2020 – LD@3: Can You Teach Research in 10 Minutes? Embedding Information Literacy micro-sessions in module programmes

15th May 2020 – LD@3: Building a Program of Inclusive Practice

14th May 2020 – LD@3: Librarians’ Development as Teachers

13th May 2020 – LD@3: Does Learning Development have a Signature Pedagogy?

12th May 2020 – LD@3: The Art of Reviewing

11th May 2020 – LD@3: The Change Laboratory – an online research methodology for defining and delivering change

7th May 2020 – LD@3: Examining learner motivation and self-regulation to enhance metacognition

6th May 2020 – LD@3: Moving assessment online: resources to support staff in an unexpected distance-learning scenario

5th May 2020 – LD@3: Encouraging active reading

4th May 2020 – LD@3: Emotional Labor of Teaching Information Literacy: Impact, struggle, and strategies

1st May 2020 – LD@3: Student Blogging in Transition: Redundancy, Engagement and Meaning

30th April 2020 – LD@3: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills Using Improvisation Techniques

30th April 2020 – LD@3: CeP/CeLP application workshop

29th April 2020 – LD@3: Back to the future for The Writing Café

28th April 2020 – LD@3: Developing the ALDinHE peer mentoring scheme

27th April 2020 – LD@3: Using coaching to support first-year students’ skills development

24th April 2020 – LD@3: Special Collection Artefacts in Learning Development

23rd April 2020 – LD@3: Creative solutions to common group work problems

22nd April 2020 – LD@3: Meetup for PGRs doing research into Learning Development

21st April 2020 – LD@3: The need to read: a mismatch of expectations

20th April 2020 – LD@3: Supporting Open University students in prison

8th April 2020 – LD@3: Nevermind the ‘buzz’ quiz

6th April 2020 – LD@3: Supporting student study circles

3rd April 2020 – LD@3: Experiences of online and hybrid delivery of academic writing workshops

2nd April 2020 – LD@3: The inclusivity gap

1st April 2020 – LD@3: Surfing the wave of reflective writing: what Learning Developers can learn from EAP

31st March 2020 – LD@3: Collaboration

30th March 2020 – LD@3: Enhancing institution-wide tutorial provision through a new booking system

22 July 2019 – ALDinHE and Sigma Network Symposium on ‘Current issues in differentiating Learning Development provision’ at the University of Bedfordshire

15-17 April 2019 – ALDinHE 2019: The Learning Development Conference at the University of Exeter

24 November 2018 – BALEAP/ALDinHE Joint One-day Conference (PIM) – Academic Literacies and EAP

08 September 2014 – Regional Event – University of Bedfordshire

28 January 2014 – Look Make Learn Conference – London Metropolitan University

22 June 2012 – Embedding Skills and Integrating Learning Development day – University of Leicester

11 June 2012 – Virtual writing retreat

20 June 2011 – Specific learning difficulties in HE professional development day – University of Aston

14 January 2011 – Professional Development Networking Day – University of Leeds

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