Study Skills Resources

Listed below are previous events held by ALDinHE in date order (most recent first) with links to slides, recordings and resources. You can view other event resources by subject topic, using the side-menu to the right.

12th May 2020 – LD@3: The Art of Reviewing

7th May 2020 – LD@3: Examining learner motivation and self-regulation to enhance metacognition

5th May 2020 – LD@3: Encouraging active reading

1st May 2020 – LD@3: Student Blogging in Transition: Redundancy, Engagement and Meaning

30th April 2020 – LD@3: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills Using Improvisation Techniques

29th April 2020 – LD@3: Back to the future for The Writing Café

27th April 2020 – LD@3: Using coaching to support first-year students’ skills development

24th April 2020 – LD@3: Special Collection Artefacts in Learning Development

23rd April 2020 – LD@3: Creative solutions to common group work problems

21st April 2020 – LD@3: The need to read: a mismatch of expectations

6th April 2020 – LD@3: Supporting student study circles

1st April 2020 – LD@3: Surfing the wave of reflective writing: what Learning Developers can learn from EAP

30th March 2020 – LD@3: Enhancing institution-wide tutorial provision through a new booking system

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