Andrew Struan

Award: CeLP    Date awarded: 2022

Subjects of expertise

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Dr Andrew Struan is Head of Student Learning Development at the University of Glasgow. He is also Programme Co-ordinator for the UK’s largest writing course, the Academic Writing Skills Programme (AWSP). Andrew manages a large team of Learning Developers, Maths/Stats Advisers, and Peer Enabled Activity staff. Before this, Andrew worked in the enhancement of students’ academic literacies and academic writing; he has published various pieces on pedagogical innovation. Andrew is co-Chair of ScotHELD, a member of the Steering Group for the International Consortium of Academic Language and Learning Developers (ICALLD), and a Historical Thesaurus of English Advisory Board member.

How can I help Learning Developers?

Andrew would be delighted to work with you on: promoting Learning Development as a distinct area of work; beginning, developing, or completing pedagogical research and scholarship; evidencing and proving impact of Learning Development; developing new Learning Developers and those keen on joining the profession; and managing staff, departments, and budgets.


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