Jane Brennan

Award: CeP    Date awarded: 2020

Subjects of expertise

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I arrived in Learning Development via language and communication teaching, first in second level, then further education and finally higher education. I now work in the newly created Munster Technological University in the South West of Ireland where I support students through one to one, group work and embedded supports. I also work with teachers, students and parents in second level and FE to develop the integration of assistive software in students’ research and writing processes as a pre-transition support.

How can I help Learning Developers?

I would be interested in collaborating with colleagues in any of my areas of interest: transition from second level and FE, particularly within an Irish context; developing independent approaches to study and writing including integration of technology; supporting teacher development through communities of practice
I have experience in working with students from a variety of widening participation backgrounds, in particular refugees and asylum seekers, Irish Travellers and students with mental health issues. I would be very interested in linking up with colleagues around the specific needs of these groups.


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