Jayne Richards

Award: CeLP    Date awarded: 2018

Subjects of expertise

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I am currently Online Curriculum Development Manager for a small specialist institution focusing on theatre, performance and the creative industries. Having almost two decades experience in distance and online delivery and a research interest in process (philosophy, education and social sciences), I am exploring ways in which active and collaborative engagement can be embedded into online learning design. I work with two teams of tutors to deliver programmes of study to an international cohort.

How can I help Learning Developers?

I have experience in introducing others to the demands of teaching at a distance, designing learning materials, creating situated and negotiated learning opportunities, embedding peer to peer support, planning and delivering interactive webinars and assessing engagement. I have been involved in a number of learning development projects including revising institutional strategies for learning, teaching and support, staff peer observation schemes, employability as an enhancement theme and developing pre-induction opportunities for new students.


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