Jessica Hancock

Award: CeP    Date awarded: 2018

Subjects of expertise

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I am a lecturer in Educational Development at City, University of London. Previously, I was a learning developer at Brunel, Portsmouth and GCU, and my research has examined: experiences of students with BTECs; critical writing; identity and good academic practice; group work; flipped-classroom approaches. My ongoing research examines compassion and identities for PhD researchers who teach. In my current role, I encourage discussion of learning development in several modules on our MA in Academic Practice, such as a session about academic literacies in a student support and personal tutoring module. I am a member of the Learn Higher working group.

How can I help Learning Developers?

I would be interested in collaborating in any research projects that are relevant to my interests. In particular: examining the relationships between identities and academic writing (either identities in general, or specific aspects of identity such as gender); academic identities of those teaching learning development; compassion and learning development. I would also be happy to share my experiences and resources from my time directly teaching learning development, and to collaborate on any projects involving ways to embed learning development into HE programmes or pedagogy.


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