Victoria Rafferty

Award: CeP    Date awarded: 2017

Subjects of expertise

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Since 1999 I have worked with students in a variety of roles: teaching English as a foreign language, sixth form tutor, and lecturer on a preparatory HE programme for international students before moving into learning development roles within HE. Concurrently, I have taken opportunities to develop pedagogical knowledge and experience of researching practice. In addition to degrees in Social Science and Social Research, I have achieved Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Certificate in Education, MA Education Research, Fellow (HEA) and am currently studying for a Professional Doctorate, with a focus on students’ experiences of 1-1 learning development discussions.

How can I help Learning Developers?

Based on professional experience gained to-date, I could support colleagues new to LD in terms of my learning about the role and its contributions to students’ learning. In light of insight gained into students’ experiences of LD 1-1 tutorials, from my doctoral study, I could support colleagues interested in developing their 1-1 practice concerning issues around encouraging dialogue with students to facilitate understanding of learning. Furthermore, due to my experience of achieving CeP status, I could support colleagues who are either considering or in the process of making an application for CeP.


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