Inclusivity and Differentiation

New EDI Working Group

Published: 03/05/2023 - Reading Time: 1 min

Categories: Communities | Equality, Diversity, Inclusion | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Widening Participation

Join us in the new EDI working group We are establishing a working group to focus on our approach to EDI as an association and a community of practice. We know excellent work is going on within our community and we feel it is important to bring together colleagues to create a vision of how we might embrace EDI work. The Steering Group has been discussing the concept of an EDI working group for a while, but we felt that it is important the community makes these decisions. Therefore, we would like to invite colleagues who are interested to fill in our form so […]

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Fostering a growth mindset in higher education for inclusive learning for all

Published: 02/05/2023 - Reading Time: 3 min

Categories: Widening Participation | Equality, Diversity, Inclusion | Inclusivity and Differentiation | JLDHE | Study Skills

Frantzeska Kolyda provides an overview of her article published in issue 27 of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education which aims to encourage educators and universities to explore interventions and practices that cultivate a growth mindset to reduce inequality in the academic success of students and the central role that learning development plays in achieving this. ‘I am not good at maths’, ‘I am not good at this’, ‘my classmates are smarter than me and get things quicker’, ‘I feel like an imposter’; educators may hear students saying. Students’ beliefs about their competence, intelligence, and skills play an […]

a group of students collaborating in their study

Take5 #84 What the Learning Developer needs to know

Published: 20/04/2023 - Reading Time: 28 min

Categories: Communities | Employability | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring | Study Skills | Take5

This #Take5 is brought to you from Joy Igiebor a Learning Development Tutor within the School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London. This is especially for the newbie LDer who feels a bit lost… who thinks that everybody else knows exactly how to ‘do’ Learning Development whilst they alone are thrashing about in the dark. Joy offers very helpful guidelines on workshops and tutorials – a beginner’s guide to Learning Development. Next week we have a post from the team at MMU – what the learning developer needs to know next. A one – two – three of LD I am […]

LD Post It Notes

#Take5 #79 Bricks behind bars: lessons from LEGO® Serious Play® workshops in prison

Published: 03/01/2023 - Reading Time: 12 min

Categories: Widening Participation | Digital Literacy | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Playful and Creative Learning | Study Skills | Take5 | Technology Enhanced Learning

This #Take5 is brought to you from Julia Reeve – and it is a beautifully detailed and thoughtful look at  LEGO® Serious Play®. Julia Reeve is a National Teaching Fellow based in Leicester who works in diverse educational settings including Further, Higher, prison and community education. Her practice focuses on building confidence, connection and creative thinking via imaginative, multisensory learning. If you’ve never attended a LEGO® Serious Play® session yourself – please, please read on.   Setting the scene My name is Julia Reeve, I’m an educational consultant and part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Business & Law at De Montfort University, Leicester. I’m […]

Prison learner model: ‘Positive steps’

#Take5 #78 Enabling an equitable HE learning experience

Published: 18/11/2022 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: Widening Participation | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

This #Take5 is brought to you from …Karen Welton and Jennie Dettmer, facilitators of the ALDinHE N/I CoP (read on to find out more!). They are passionate about breaking down barriers to learning in higher education for neurodivergent students. If you are interested in making a difference and being part of this dialogue, they welcome you to join the crusade! Cerebrum Celebration! We are all different and our individuality is something to be celebrated! It is this individuality which makes the world so richly diverse, informing and altering our perceptions of anything and everything. Some differences are immediately apparent, but […]


#Take5 #70 Inclusion and Learning Development

Published: 09/04/2022 - Reading Time: 11 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Take5

Inclusive practice in learning development (practitioner event) This #Take5 post is brought to you from the ALDinHE Events Working Group (see The group organises our LD@3 programme and this post reflects particularly on a practitioner event on Inclusive practice in Learning Development that took place in September last year. In this post Sandie Donnelly reflects not just on issues relating to inclusivity but also on the nitty gritty of organising an LD@3 – and this particular and very important LD@3.  As you read through, we hope that you might also be inspired to run an LD@3 of your own. Feel the vulnerability […]

Inclusive Practice Wordcloud

#Take5 #50 The best way to bring the human into virtual space?

Published: 14/10/2020 - Reading Time: 12 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

This #Take5 post is brought to you from Sandra Abegglen (University of Calgary), Emma Gillaspy (University of Central Lancashire), and Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield (London Metropolitan University) – all are members of ALDinHE and are involved in the #creativeHE community. There will be a follow up to this blog in November, where we will run the first #creativeHE event of this academic year: Game on: playful practice for online environments – 18th November 14.00-16.00 – and where we will also call for the community to say what sort of creative activities they want support with across this challenging year. […]

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#Take 5 #49: The best way to … engage online?

Published: 08/10/2020 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

The week’s #Take5 blog is brought to you from Dr Carina Buckley Instructional Design Manager at Solent University and ALDinHE Co-chair. Recently Carina spoke in a webinar about how her institution, Solent, has approached online delivery whilst keeping students at the heart of their learning. It went very well – but for those who couldn’t make it, a written case study and the recording of the whole webinar is available here: Photo: Dr Carina Buckley Instructional Design Manager at Solent University and ALDinHE Co-chair Students these days… don’t turn their cameras on Where once a common question from lecturers […]

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#Take5 #48 The best way to deliver Learning Development in a time of COVID?

Published: 01/10/2020 - Reading Time: 6 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

This #Take5 post is brought to you from Kate Coulson who is Head of Learning Development at the University of Northampton and the Secretary of the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (ALDinHE). Here she tries to summarise the current face-to-face  and hybrid teaching situation for Learning Developers from September 2020. Photo: Kate Coulson face in full visor/mask mode! Does anyone care how Learning Developers are engaging with their students? I do! I absolutely care about what my peers are doing within UK HEIs and beyond. Maybe I am just nosey but gaining an understanding around what others are […]

Kate Coulson face in full visor/mask mode!

#Take5 #47 The Best Way of Promoting Digital Wellbeing in HE?

Published: 24/09/2020 - Reading Time: 8 min

Categories: Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

Happy new academic year! As many of us return to a COVID-HE, where we are still working from home – and wrangling our face to face courses into some form of active and creative online learning experience, we at #Take5 are pleased to bring you this blog post from Ben, Debbie and Anne of Bournemouth University exploring digital wellbeing. Please have a read – leave a Comment – and think about offering a #Take5 blogpost of your own. Beyond Google Garage Ben Goldsmith, Debbie Holley and Anne Quinney, Bournemouth University, UK Reflections: Image credit: Anne Quinney Digital wellbeing is one […]

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