Recruiting for Copyeditors at JLDHE

Published: 05/04/2024 - Reading Time: 2 min

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Dear Colleagues,  We would be pleased to receive applications for the role of copyeditor with the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. If you know someone who might be interested and suitable, please pass this message on.  JLDHE was established in 2009 and is published online https://journal.aldinhe.ac.uk. We are looking for two new copyeditors to support our operations and maintain high quality of our publications. The role involves proofreading and formatting draft manuscripts for the journal as well as compiling queries for authors to address when finalising their papers. The work is periodic during the year and is paid at an hourly rate (currently […]

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Be a Guest Editor

Published: 03/04/2024 - Reading Time: 2 min

Categories: JLDHE

Collaborative Conference Proceedings and Reflections by the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education We are putting together Collaborative Conference Proceedings and Reflections from ALDCon24 and we ask for your contributions to it in the form of critical reflections, observations, and conversations that emerged from the conference session you attended. This collective reflection intends to promote a dialogic approach to scholarly activity in LD and to further our view that a conference presentation, workshop or poster should not be the end of the conversation. You will be able to access the collaborative documents via the programme on the ALDinHE conference […]

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JLDHE New Issue 30 is out!

Published: 27/03/2024 - Reading Time: 8 min

Categories: JLDHE

We are delighted to announce that Issue 30of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education has now been released and is free to access here: https://journal.aldinhe.ac.uk/index.php/jldhe/issue/view/45.From the Editorial: ‘We can’t all be Marco Polo or Freya Stark but millions of us are travellers nonetheless’, Martha Gellhorn writes in the opening to her wonderful book, Travels with Myself and Another. While her collection of stories is packed with exhilarating ‘horror journeys’ across the dangerous world, in comparison, most of our daily professional travels are relatively dull and uneventful. We are certainly not risking our lives on the front lines or taking treacherous trips into the depths of a […]


Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Call for Special Issue: The contribution of HE third space professionals to educational practice and pedagogy

Published: 17/01/2024 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: JLDHE

Rationale and scope: Universities rely on the expertise of third space professionals, those who occupy the liminal space between academic and professional services in Higher Education (Whitchurch, 2013). Third space professionals transcend traditional academic and administrative roles and are characterised by a hybrid and often fluid function that includes elements of academic expertise and administrative/professional service. However, often these individuals and teams do not feel that their contributions to the education landscape and ecosystem are recognised, supported or valued, and this experience varies depending on the local and national context. Third space professionals, such as Academic Developers and other members of […]

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Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Call for Special Issue: Liberating Learning in HE

Published: 15/01/2024 - Reading Time: 2 min

Categories: JLDHE

A forthcoming one-day conference, Freedom to Learn, co-hosted by King’s College London and University College London on 5 April 2024, offers an additional opportunity for colleagues to attend an in-person event to join this conversation, but attendance and participation at the conference are not required to submit to the journal issue. Please follow the JLDHE Submission Preparation Checklist and the JLDHE Style Guide when preparing your 500-word abstract and please indicate in this MS Form which format your full submission would follow. JLDHE welcomes contributions in the following forms: Potential contributors could include, but are not limited to: Please submit your 500-word abstract by 15 February 2024 to the Guest Editors […]


JLDHE Reading Club – 8 November 2023 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Published: 03/10/2023 - Reading Time: 3 min

Categories: Events | JLDHE

The paper being discussed at November’s reading club is discuss Debbie Holley and David Biggin’s paper on Designing for student wellbeing: challenging assumptions about where our students learn. JLDHE Reading Club – Book to attend via the Events Calendar. The Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (JLDHE) Reading Club meets on the second Wednesday of each other month between 17.30 and 18.30pm GMT for a stimulating and thought-provoking hour together discussing the latest research in Learning Development. The group’s goal is to create a space for collaborative discussion of shared reading that is open to everyone no matter their role […]

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JLDHE Calls for reviewers

Published: 12/06/2023 - Reading Time: 3 min

Categories: JLDHE

We are seeking offers to undertake a blind peer-review of the following submissions to the JLDHE (Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education). If you would like to undertake a review of any of these articles, please email the designated contact editor(s) below (not the whole list), including a brief description of your interest in the topic, your relevant qualifications, expertise and/or experience in relation to the submission (100-200 words max). This might include your knowledge of the subject and/or your experience acting as a peer reviewer for academic papers or as an author or researcher in the field. Please also join our register […]


Fostering a growth mindset in higher education for inclusive learning for all

Published: 02/05/2023 - Reading Time: 3 min

Categories: Widening Participation | Equality, Diversity, Inclusion | Inclusivity and Differentiation | JLDHE | Study Skills

Frantzeska Kolyda provides an overview of her article published in issue 27 of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education which aims to encourage educators and universities to explore interventions and practices that cultivate a growth mindset to reduce inequality in the academic success of students and the central role that learning development plays in achieving this. ‘I am not good at maths’, ‘I am not good at this’, ‘my classmates are smarter than me and get things quicker’, ‘I feel like an imposter’; educators may hear students saying. Students’ beliefs about their competence, intelligence, and skills play an […]

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Not tracked does not equate to not engaged!

Published: 28/04/2023 - Reading Time: 2 min

Categories: Communities | Digital Literacy | Education | JLDHE | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Wellbeing | Widening Participation

Authors Professor Debbie Holley and Dr David Biggins provide an overview of their research published in issue 27 of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. Their paper is titled: Designing for student wellbeing: challenging assumptions about where our students learn. Our work started with students reporting ‘technostress’ during the pandemic (and yes staff experienced this as well) and reporting that they turned to family and friends to seek support, with only 18% turning to the excellent online materials and signposting Universities offered in lockdown. Digital equity remains an issue across the board, and intersectionality of class, race and […]

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#Take5 #67 The JLDHE Compendium: a receipt for success

Published: 22/01/2022 - Reading Time: 12 min

Categories: Take5 | JLDHE

In this blog post, Alicja Syska, Editor, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education reflects on the experience of producing the Compendium of Innovative Practice: Learning Development in a Time of Disruption, the most recent Special Edition of JLDHE.  A Recipe for a Scrumptious Compendium With profound gratitude to all our authors, reviewers, and readers, without whom nothing we do would ever make sense.  To paraphrase the unparalleled life philosopher Forrest Gump (while seeking forgiveness for doing so from my fellow Editors), Learning Development practice is like a box of chocolates – you truly never know what you will get! Unsurprisingly then, […]

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