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Join the ALDinHE Community

Website Registration

Website registration is required to access resources and events. Register as an ALDinHE Website User.

ALDinHE Annual Membership

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the membership benefits, which are also shown in the poster shown (available to download). When you purchase institutional membership, all staff in your institution can enjoy the benefits of membership, not just those working in the field of learning development. These include:

Membership Options

ALDinHE provide three levels of membership; individual membership, institutional membership and institution membership.

Institutional Staff Membership

If you are employed by an institution who has institution membership, you can register on the website for free to access resources and events. To register as an institutional staff member on the ALDinHE website, visit the institution membership page. Click on your institution’s logo and complete the required details.

Institution Membership

Annual institution membership costs £250 a year – Join ALDinHE as an Institution

Non-institutional Membership

Annual non-institutional membership costs £30 a year – Join ALDinHE as a non-institutional member

ALDinHE Member Benefits

Membership means you are supporting the work of the Association, which includes the management of the Learning Development Higher Education Network (LDHEN) Jiscmail list, the maintenance of the LearnHigher resources and website, the production of the peer-reviewed Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, the Annual Conference, CPD resources, and much more. 

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