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ALDinHE Working Groups

If you are a practitioner in the Learning Development community and would like the opportunity to become actively involved in ALDinHE’s work through a variety of new and established Working Groups – we are actively looking for new members. Please contact for more information.

You can learn more about the people that make up our working groups here.

The ALDinHE consists of the following working groups:

Conference Committee

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ALDinHE’s annual 3-day conference is held over a Friday – Wednesday in June (online and face-to-face). Would you like to be part of a working group of volunteers, helping to shape the conference programme, review proposals and play an important part in making our annual conference a huge success? Being part of a working committee team, you’ll gain experience in conference organising, marketing, networking with people from other institutions, peer-reviewing skills, among many professional skills that can translate to careers in and out of academia.

Working group activities including reviewing proposals, helping to spread the word about the conference and providing input to help us make the conference the best it can be and reflect our diverse LD community across the UK and beyond. The group establishes and maintains a plan of activities to action. Monthly meetings take place via video conferencing. You’ll need excellent interpersonal skills, meticulous attention to detail and effective time management and organisational abilities.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Events Group

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As well as the annual conference, ALDinHE hosts several one-day events, known as Regional Symposia, throughout the year. These encourage the development of local communities and networks of practice, offer the opportunity to present on emerging work and provide hosts with the support necessary for them to gain experience in organising external events. Regional networking will remain one focus for this group, but the 2020 experience has demonstrated that there is both demand and capacity for national events delivered online. Therefore this group will be building upon the great success of the LD@3 workshop series developed by the Conference Committee and offering similar events throughout the year.  The new Events Working Group will also collaborate with other ALDinHE groups to offer developmental and networking opportunities for all members of the Learning Development community by bringing together groups of people with shared interests or priorities. 

We are currently looking for new members who are keen on becoming more involved in developing the LD community’s events programme.

We are looking for people skilled in organisation, marketing or networking and who have the finger on the pulse of evolving issues in LD.
Broadly, responsibilities will include working with  host institutions supporting them with the planning, organisation and evaluation of a half-day or one-day events which will be hosted either online or face to face.
The initial tasks will be to:

  • Establish Terms of Reference for the working group
  • Identify new hosts for future events
  • Draw up a list principles for hosting events

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

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The purpose of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group is to lead and provide opportunities for colleagues to participate and share practices in discussions concerning EDI topics in Higher Education in the context of learning development.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and lead the working group
  • To seek and encourage colleagues to share and participate in our EDI Community of Practice sessions
  • To manage tasks and projects within the group
  • To encourage colleagues from the sector to participate in discussions

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Poster coming soon

Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Editorial Board

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Would you like to join a team of volunteers who edit and publish scholarship in Learning Development?  We recruit to the Editorial Board based on volunteers’ prior work as guest editors. If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board in the future, please watch out for the calls to be a reviewer via the LDHEN list and the call to volunteer to guest-edit the Conference Proceedings.

The role requires commitment all year round, with peak times in Spring, Autumn and Winter. Monthly meetings take place via video conferencing. The following skills are helpful to being involved in this group: excellent communication skills, experience of writing for publication, knowledge of current debates in Learning Development, confidence in using technology, attention to detail, effective time management, and passion for Learning Development.

As a member of the editorial board, you will contribute to the evolution of the Journal, shape its policies, gain insight into the wide range of LD initiatives in HE, and improve your peer-reviewing skills. You will also have a chance to lead on a particular area of the Journal’s activity.

Working with a team of editors, communicating with authors and reviewers, assisting in the peer review process, sharing expertise, attending meetings and advising on strategies, as well as acting as an ambassador for the Journal.

Visit the Journal

Learn Higher Editorial and Development Group

Illustration of people and educational resources

Would you like to be part of a working group of volunteers responsible for providing an accessible platform promoting the sharing of digital learning development resources? Members of the group are required to attend a monthly online meeting, plus 1-2 hrs per month on tasks & reviewing. No specific skills are required, but it is useful to have good understanding of English for reviewing resources, reasonable IT skills, plus comfortable using the internet. Support is provided. Members of the Learn Higher Group gain experience in:

  • Collaborative learning – eg accessibility legislation
  • IT skills outside normal educational practice – eg various communication platforms, wordpress, etc.
  • Networking with wider LD community
  • Organising and preparing for conference sessions & events

Group activities include reviewing new submissions, checking against criteria, uploading to the website, and supporting LDrs to create and submit resources.

Visit Learn Higher

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Peer Mentoring Group

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ALDinHE is a grouping of professionals uniquely gathered from many and various other disciplines. In our commitment to make ALDinHE an inclusive and welcoming space for people new to LD work, we are developing a mentoring scheme.

The ALDinHE Peer Mentoring scheme will be designed to improve access to the ALDinHE community and help all our members make the most of and get involved in the Association, including applying for:

✔    Research Grants

✔    CeP/CeLP

✔    Publication in JLDinHE

✔    Producing resources for LearnHigher

✔    Career development guidance.

This is an invitation to join the ALDinHE Peer Mentoring Working Group!

We plan to meet virtually each month from June 2020.

The initial tasks will be to:

  • Define terms of reference
  • Liaise with other ALDinHE working groups to recruit mentors
  • Devise a system to pair mentees with mentors
  • Expand the ALDinHE Expertise Directory
  • Evaluate mentor scheme strands.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Professional Recognition Group

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The ALDinHE recognition scheme emerged from a strong community consensus that although Learning Developers can have diverse roles, they will share certain values. Using this feedback, ALDinHE developed the Certified Practitioner (CeP) and Certified Leading Practitioner (CeLP) awards. Members of the professional recognition group are responsible for supporting applicants in completing their applications, reviewing applications. There is a requirement for you to be a certificated practitioner to be a part of this working group.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact

Research and Scholarship Development Working Group

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Would you like to support the development of a research and evidence-based understanding of Learning Development? As a member of the research and scholarship development working group, you’ll gain insight into the wide range of LD initiatives in HE and be responsible for monitoring external opportunities for funding relevant to the LD community and supporting the dissemination of LD research and acting as a guide for members’ research projects. You’ll need an understanding of the process of ideas generation for research, how to evaluate feasibility and define research aims and objectives. You’ll need experience in methods for data collection and analysis. Members of the group are required to attend monthly meetings which take place via video conferencing and complete actions which are distributed across the group.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

Steering Group

ALDinHE Deck Chair

The steering group consists of the Association’s Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary and Working Group Leads. The steering group is elected annually. Election is on a self-nomination basis, supported by a current member of the steering group or a working group co-chair, with membership ratified at the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). See the members of the steering group here.

Read about the Steering Group’s members’ roles.


  • Contribute to the strategic development of the association
  • Gain experience in the operation of the association with people from other institutions
  • Develop professional skills that can translate to careers in and out of academia
  • Demonstrate impact for professional accreditations, eg. ALDinHE, AdvanceHE
  • Develop new insights into current trends and initiatives in the LD community
  • Opportunity to take responsibility in a chosen area
  • A chance to step outside of normal routine to become more objective
  • Benefit from knowledge exchange, share practice and influence a culture of collaboration

You can learn more about the people that make up our steering group here.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact 

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