Aligning mindfulness across a medical curriculum

Researcher: Professor Liz Anderson and Fiona Bermingham

Institution: University of Leicester

Research Year: 2020

Project aims:

Mindfulness has been shown to improve mental health and wellbeing in health care professionals (1-3) and improve learning retention (4). In XXX Medical School mindfulness is taught in the early years as part of the Health Enhancement Porgramme (HEP). HEP provides a vital opportunity to support medical students who are particularly at risk of stress (5, 6). However, the benefits of HEP are yet to be fully understood and there is no alignment to this early learning when students are in their clinical years.

We have the opportunity to work with a medical student who has achieved a Masters degree in medical education research during an intercalating year of study and who is currently on a sabbatical before re-joining training. This is a unique opportunity for deeper pedagogical understandings of the value and impact of our new mindfulness training. The HEP remains one of the first in the UK, to introduce mindfulness to the entire undergraduate medical cohort.


- To build a deeper understanding of the impact of year one of the HEP programme.
- To listen to students views on their early learning and potential for further learning when in later stressful clinical placements with potential applications for clinical teams where stress levels are high.
The outcomes will guide our curriculum alignment for student learning on mindfulness throughout the medical curriculum. The outcomes will inform our newly formed School of Allied Health Professions who wish to replicate this learning for their students (Nursing, etc).

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