Understanding Arts-Based Methods for the Virtual World of Teaching

Researcher: Dr Selen Kars-Unluoglu

Institution: University of the West of England

Research Year: 2021

Project aims:

Arts-based methods which traditionally rely on engagement with material artefacts (e.g. LEGO® bricks, finger puppets, craft materials) have been on the rise in management learning and teaching. However, COVID-19 has challenged educators to adapt these methods to online teaching environments with a substantial impact on learning development and learner experiences.

This project, through collaborative and mixed methods research design, seeks to deepen our understanding of the pedagogy of arts-methods with an aim to explore the effective transferability to online teaching environments.

The research setting is a management education programme delivered in partnership with two HE institutions (in the UK and Turkey) that introduces learners to arts-based teaching methods and supporting pedagogies by getting learners to experiment with taught techniques to develop their own practice as management educators. The programme was disrupted by COVID-19 forcing educators improvise ways to teach arts-based methods virtually. With a commitment to scholarly approach to research teaching and learning development, this project will inquire into educator and learner experiences in this setting.

This will be done by organising focussed discussion meetings and a co-creation workshop to bring together educators and learners to encourage reflection on experiences and best practices translate arts-based methods to online environments. Combined with questionaries, and participant and non-participant observation of training sessions this project will provide rich insights into the future of arts-based methods for virtual world of learning development that is unresearched and that this project explores by capturing lived experiences of educators and learners.

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