LD@3 Assessing the impact of study skills sessions

Session abstract: 

In an attempt to evaluate the impact of study skills sessions on students’ marks a descriptive statistics approach was developed in 2017. This approach focusses on subject-specific study skills sessions embedded in the curriculum that are related directly to individual assessment tasks. The descriptive statistics analysis is based on establishing mark categories, and exploring chronological changes in the proportion for each category.

Over the past three academic years, this approach has been used to analyse data on students’ attainment at all levels of study and across various academic subjects.

Colleagues from academic schools welcome the change from discussing generic module boxplots to exploring mark categories. Furthermore, colleagues indicate that they find this approach of analysing student marks more useful and clearly indicative of the development of their pedagogic practice.

This session will explore the challenges and benefits of this approach, along with possible future developments to help estimate in a meaningful way the impact that study skills sessions have on students’ attainment.

LD@3 is open to everyone!  Please feel free to circulate this to interested colleagues. 

Presenters: Ralitsa Kantcheva, Bangor University

Notebook with the words Study Skills on the cover

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