LD@3 – Create a meme to build digital skills




Events, Playful and Creative Learning, Study Skills, Technology Enhanced Learning

  • Date / Time: Thursday 18th February – 3pm
  • Location: Online via Collaborate
  • Presenters: Arielle Redman, University of York


Processing, understanding, and remembering information is often aided by combining images with text or keywords. These are the two essential ingredients of the majority of memes, which are, by definition, widely shared and enjoyed.

Come prepared with a piece of research or key idea you have heard, read, or written. Enjoy a whistle-stop tour through the history and purpose(s) of memes, what makes one successful for your chosen audience, where memes have been used malevolently, and how you can positively contribute to making the internet a knowledge utopia.

The word Meme in magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board. Meme is used to describe a piece of information or an element of culture in various media.
The word Meme in magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board.

Experiment with writing a summary of your chosen information from an entirely different angle. Try your hand at basic image editing and delight your target demographic through the most popular form of quick online communication.

Explore a novel approach to improving digital literacy and research skills that has been successfully implemented at the University of York. The aim is to teach and explore various skills for research through workshops which assist staff and students in the production of something (digitally) tangible, such as learning data visualisation through the creation of a digital self-portrait. This has been a hugely successful approach; these sessions have been far more popular and appreciated than previously offered presentations or workshops explicitly exploring the skills themselves without offering an ‘end product’.

If we can create a successful meme which informs and entertains, we have the potential to influence a huge amount of people. Research must be impactful, but it can’t impact anyone if nobody knows about it.

LD@3 is open to everyone. Please feel free to circulate this to interested colleagues. Information about upcoming sessions and materials from past sessions can be found on the ALDinHE events website.

Please note that that this meeting will be hosted on Collaborate, which does not support Internet Explorer. You can access the live session with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

If you would like to present at a future LD@3 please complete this brief form. We aim to run one each month throughout the year.

Visit the events page to view the recording of this event and access the slides.


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