LD@3 Essay Writing Activity Cards for Creative Disciplines




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Session abstract: 

The Study Skills team at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) in collaboration with a Graphic Design staff and students have developed a set of activity cards to help scaffold students’ essay writing from planning through to editing.

These are evidence-based activities drawn from in-course subject-specific and open, cross-disciplinary workshops undertaken at AUB and are translated into principles-based activities. They are designed to provide frameworks for academic research, writing and style based specifically in creative disciplines. Students work in pairs or small groups by following a set of prompts within a selected stage of the writing process. The activity cards can be used both in online and face-to-face sessions. We found the activity bank particularly engaging for students as it is interactive, inclusive and student-centred. The resource also has the benefit of being translatable for a range of creative subjects, disciplines and assignments: something which also offers opportunity to open academic literacy windows for tutors.

In the LD@3 session we intend to share our resource and outline why and how we use it and share lessons learnt from incorporating it into 1:1 and group academic support sessions.

Presenters: Julia Kotula and Kizzy Beaumont, Arts University Bournemouth

Illustraion of a person writing an essay

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