LD@3 – Using Google cardboard to engage students

  • Date / Time: Tuesday 2nd March – 3pm 
  • Location: Online via ZoomMeeting ID:  872 3622 6036 – Passcode: ncb97=TS
  • Presenters: Debbie Holley and Heidi Singleton, Department of Nursing Sciences, Bournemouth University 


The JISC ‘Student digital experience insights survey’ was recently released, summarising the experiences of over 20,000 HE students at a range of 28 HE institutions. One surprising finding was that only 20% of students gain any ‘real life’ simulation experiences as part of their degree, and these tend to be in engineering design and healthcare. However, our experiences show that with very basic equipment (a SMART phone with internet access able to run 360 video clips from YouTube and Google cardboard – available from Amazon for around £5.00) we can offer students those ‘tasters’ of a more immersive experience.

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, the video affordances of MS Teams and google handouts offer a way to connect with our students, however, their limits are the synchronous nature of the technology, the minimal shared experience and the lack of sense of place. At a time when many of us are feeling ‘Zoomed’ out and seeking some alternative ways of reaching out, this is an interesting way of adding variety. If you have an older SMART phone, be great if you would download a QR Code reader from the App store (more modern ones the camera function usually triggers.  Do come with google cardboards, SMART phones  or not – all welcome. 

Visit the events page to view the recording of this event and access the slides.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard

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