Leadership and professional identity: Finding common ground in Learning Development

Thursday 24 February 11am – 12 noon.

We all have the capacity and the potential to influence others and bring about change, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Working in partnership with students to empower them and negotiate change is a form of leadership that arguably every learning developer utilises. Why, then, can it be so difficult to think of ourselves as leaders in relation to our colleagues or have our leadership recognised by wider university management? 

In this session, Carina Buckley and Kate Coulson invite you to reflect on how you might already influence others, and use the idea of the five ‘points of power’ – position, task, personal, relationship, knowledge – to explore how leadership can more comfortably be a part of our professional identities. By switching focus from authority to relationships, from responsibility to advocacy, and from hierarchy to mentoring, we can open up collaboration opportunities and see the impact of our work more widely.  

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