Stage 1 – Compatibility Meeting

Once you have found a Mentor either through your own professional connections, via the ALDinHE Mentoring and Networking Directory or through discussion with the ALDinHE Partner, it is now time to arrange a meeting.

Stage 1 of the mentoring scheme is to schedule your first meeting with the Mentor. This is a preliminary meeting to make sure that the pairing works.

It is up to you and your Mentor how you arrange to meet. If you are close by in location, you may choose to meet face-to-face, otherwise set up an online meeting using a platform of your choice.

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six stages of the mentoring scheme

Six stages of the mentoring scheme

There are six key stages you will work through on your mentoring journey with your Mentor and in the presence of the Partner, in order to initiate and maintain the mentoring process (see image shown). The six stages are also shown on the right hand menu on this mentoring website.

Track progress

As you complete each stage, your Mentor will record completion on your mentee journey page. You can access this from the menu on the right hand side.

mentee journey progress tracker

The role of the partner

Your Partner provides a liaison role between you, your Mentor and ALDinHE. Following the initial introduction they make, between you and your mentor, they will check on mentorship progress and intervene if necessary. At the end of a minimum period of 6 months or a minimum of 10 hours of contact, the Partner is required to write a brief testimonial from the mentoring, based on reflections written by you and your mentor, which you both will submit to the Partner in stage 5.

Top Tip

You may wish to combine stage 1 and stage 2 in the same meeting.

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