Stage 3 – Mentorship Recording

It is your responsibility to set up a logbook shared with the Mentor and ALDinHE Partner, via the document library, so the relationship can be recorded and adequately supported. The format of the logbook is highly flexible, as long as it helps keep track of the mentorship and allows both parties to reflect what they are learning from it. You are encouraged to be as creative as you would like in your logbooks. The logbook can be used both before and after each session, to plan and to reflect, to structure meetings and to record their frequency, to monitor progress and to exchange ideas.

Alternatively to keeping a separate logbook, you can use the forum as a way to record discussions and progress. The forum is only visible to the mentee, mentor and partner.

There is an expectation that brief updates would be logged at least on a monthly basis. You are welcome to keep more extensive logs outside of these mutually accessible records as well.

Learning developer typing up a log book activity on a laptop.

Sample logbook

Here is a suggested template for a logbook, but the format is highly flexible and you can as creative as you like or use the forum as a method of record keeping.

Upload the logbook to your document library or use the forum. This is shared between you, your Mentor and Partner.

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