Mentor Welcome

Thank you for undertaking the ALDinHE Mentoring Scheme. We are delighted to welcome you to the programme. On this website, you will find all the essential information regarding the mentoring support for ALDinHE members, as well as the CeM certification process and the steps that need to be taken to complete it. There is also a section on resources with links to valuable external supporting materials, as well as, the mentee’s journey, which the mentee will also see.

The ALDinHE Mentoring Scheme aims to provide learning developers with an opportunity to hone their mentoring skills while helping other colleagues to find their voice within learning development through being mentored. Our ambition is to support mutually beneficial professional relationships and bring compassion and generosity into our working environments.


How to set up your Mentee

Six stages of the mentoring scheme

mentor journey

There are six key stages you will work through on your mentoring journey with your Mentee and in the presence of the Partner, in order to initiate and maintain the mentoring process (see image shown). The six stages are also shown on the right hand menu.

Certified Mentor (CeM)

Please note that ‘Step 7. Certification’ is only relevant to colleagues interested in applying for the Certified Mentor (CeM) recognition.

Participants in the scheme may choose to apply for recognition as ALDinHE Mentors (CeM) or continue to use the ALDinHE Mentoring Scheme to support colleagues without certification.

The details on how to apply for the CeM recognition are provided on the ALDinHE website.

Top Tip

If you have questions not addressed on this website, please contact us at

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