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Learning Development Advisor

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  • CeLP - Awarded: 2019

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LD@3 Supporting the Scholarship of Learning Development

How far, and in what ways, is our practice informed and shaped by scholarship? What various types of scholarly activity do learning developers currently engage in, or would they be...

Text-scrolling with David Middlebrook

A live demonstration of the text-scrolling technique, which supports student comprehension of and engagement with reading and writing, through a multisensory, interactive approach that builds student confidence in academic reading...

Excelling at critical analysis: a 3-stage method with an image

The 3-stage method breaks down academic writing into three elements: description, analysis, and critical evaluation, and asks the students to work with an image. In the first stage, students describe...

The CDE Presentation Model

A new and simple approach to presentation making that focuses on three key areas: C=Content, D=Delivery, and E=Engagement. The slides contain the basic elements of the model but are flexible...

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