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  • CeLP - Awarded: 2020

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Autistic people’, not ‘people with autism’ and the Problem of Double Empathy

The resource is the result of a collaboration between an autistic student and a neurotypical member of staff at The Open University. The purpose of the short resource is to...

Creating Accessible Materials – Checklist for All Media

This resource was designed for creators of learning material in Higher Education. The checklist provides accessibility guidance when designing educational documents/slides/videos.

Good Practice Guides for Students with Autism

If you teach autistic students or advise them on their careers options, or you are an employer wanting to recruit and retain autistic graduates, these guides are for you. We...

Using an academic glossary

This activity is used at the start of a course for any level. The slides guide the tutor through the two activities. The first activity is a matching task where...

CVs, Covering Letters and Personal Statements Proofreading Checklist for SPAG

A checklist to ensure that CVs, covering letters and personal statements are free of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) errors. Contributor's comments on the use of this resource: Use in...

Evaluating a source

When researching it is important to be able to evaluate sources and this guide will help you to do this. Contributor's comments on the use of this resource: Use in...

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