ALDinHE Secretary Selection

Voting is now open for a new ALDinHE Secretary. Voting is open to Steering Group members only.

Please read the nomination below and place your vote. The deadline for votes is 23.59 16th July 2023. If the votes are quorate, Maddy Mossman will be appointed as the new ALDinHE Secretary on the 17th July 2023.

Maddy Mossman

I would like to nominate myself for the Secretary position.

Since 2020, I have actively served as a member of the ALDinHE Steering Group, representing the Events Working Group alongside my co-chair, Alistair Morey. During this tenure, we have significantly improved the provision of community events. Our current offerings include LD@3 online sessions, half-day themed events, and Regionals. Our ongoing objective is to continually enhance the opportunities available to our members, enabling them to share best practice, engage in and share research, and expand their professional networks.

As Secretary, I would work with the Steering Group and our members to explore avenues for community growth. It is imperative that we ensure that our member institutions fully utilize the opportunities we provide, and foster a genuine appreciation for their membership. Furthermore, I firmly believe that ALDinHE can play a pivotal role in raising the profile of Learning Development within the higher education sector. By establishing recognition for the significant contributions we make to student education, we can attain parity with our colleagues in educational development. As Secretary, I would be committed to working closely with the Steering Group and community to take the required steps towards achieving these goals.

Professionally, I am Head of Learning Development at the University of Leeds. In this capacity, I am responsible for the development of the University’s Academic Literacies strategy, which is integrated into the university’s Curriculum Redefined change project. Additionally, I co-lead the institution’s Capabilities Framework, which aims to foster Academic, Digital, and Professional literacies within the curriculum. This responsibility entails regular collaboration with various professional services and academic departments to foster effective partnerships.

Please vote by the deadline 23.59 16th July 2023.

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