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Alexander Cuthbert

Alexander Cuthbert


University of Strathclyde

Job Title

Learner Development Adviser


  • CeLP - Awarded: 2019

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Areas of Expertise

Academic Literacies | Academic Reading | Academic Writing | Inclusive Teaching | Induction, Transition and First Year Experience | Peer Assisted Learning and Peer Mentoring | Study Skills | Widening Participation


I have worked in inclusive learning contexts since 1994, initially in primary and secondary school settings, before entering higher education in 2008 working with neurodivergent and disabled learners at the University of Glasgow. In 2012, I was involved with creation of a study skills service at the University of Strathclyde (now Learner Development Services), delivering induction and widening participation activities, workshops, 1-2-1 appointments, and creating online resources.  Working collaboratively with academic and university services partners, I also facilitate the development of specific academic literacies. I have been a member of the ALDinHE Research and Development Working Group since 2016.

How can I help learning developers?

I would be happy to offer support to colleagues who wish to develop more inclusive working practices and resources, particularly with regard to supporting learners who may encounter barriers to learning through socioeconomic, geographic, disability, neurodivergent, or health and wellbeing related factors. I also have an active interest in supporting qualitative LD research methods, professional development, peer support and professional learning.

Last modified: 16/01/2024

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