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Ursula Canton

Ursula Canton




Glasgow Caledonian University

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


  • CeLP - Awarded: 2019

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Areas of Expertise

Academic Literacies | Academic Reading | Academic Writing | Assessment, Feedback and Course Design | Research Methodologies and Data Collection


After a PhD in Theatre Studies from the University of Sheffield, my work has taken me back to language: alongside teaching writing and learning development at Glasgow Caledonian University and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (SFHE), I have produced research that critically interrogates and develops the conceptual basis for teaching practice, focussing on academic literacies and different theoretical approaches to the writing process. My second focus is developing a new approach to assessing the teaching of writing that reflects the priorities and values of learning and writing developers.

How can I help learning developers?

Teaching practice: I could share my experience of developing embedded provision and collaborating with subject-teaching colleagues. I have worked across all HE levels (level 1 to research writing), and at the moment my main areas are developing embedded provision for graduate apprenticeship programmes and dissertation support for MSc students. Research: I can offer a varied background with experience in the humanities and qualitative research, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. Recent work has led me onto quantitative territory, and I’d also be interested in developing complimentary collaboration with someone whose expertise is in this area.

Last modified: 30/05/2023

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