Supporting involvement with ALDinHE activities

Want to get involved in the ALDinHE community but not sure where to start? Why not take advantage of our mentoring opportunities. ALDinHE offers mentoring to support members who want to apply for recognition or disseminate their work to the wider LD community:

Conference applications

If you haven’t presented at the ALDinHE conference before, you can request a mentor to guide you through the submission process and preparation processes. A mentor could support you in terms of:

Preparing a proposal

  1. Discussing the format of previous ALDinHE conference sessions
  2. Talking through your ideas for a submission
  3. Offering informal feedback on an abstract draft
  4. Discussing how to approach any requested revisions

Preparing your session

  1. Providing feedback on draft slides
  2. Watching a practice run of your session online and giving you feedback
  3. Technical aspects of poster preparation
ALDinHE members participating in a mentoring session

Details of how to request a mentor will be included in the conference call of presenters. Please note that a conference mentor does not guarantee that a submission will be accepted.

Submitting a resource to Learn Higher

ALDinHE offer mentoring to individuals to support resource submissions to LearnHigher. This process is detailed in the following flowchart:

LearnHigher Peer Mentor Programme Process

Writing for the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Mentoring new authors in learning development is an intrinsic element of our publishing process at the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. We rarely reject submissions outright; instead, we open a dialogue with authors and offer substantive feedback on their submissions. Our informal mentoring process is designed to ensure that a submission can reach its best position before we send it to reviewers, and once the review process begins, we offer authors further support to strengthen their manuscripts for publication. We can also connect authors with ALDinHE mentors to facilitate a more formal mentorship process, where desired or necessary.

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