Become an ALDinHE reviewer / mentor

Supporting involvement with ALDinHE activities

Want to get involved in the ALDinHE community?

We are looking for volunteers to support reviewing and mentoring opportunities.

ALDinHE offers support to members who want to apply for recognition or disseminate their work to the wider LD community.

Reviewers will be expected to offer support and feedback to applicants and adhere to a strict time frame. You will be able to dip in and out of the reviewing windows so there will be no expectation to be a reviewer all the time.

You will need to be approachable, constructive and supportive. Be willing to challenge ideas and thinking. Skilled in and enthusiastic about learning development.

This is a chance to step outside of normal routine to become more objective. You’ll benefit from knowledge exchange, personal learning and reflection. You’ll develop new insights and contribute positively to individual development. The role provides evidence to demonstrate impact when applying for CeP / CeLP / HEA and other professional recognitions.

As a reviewer, support and training will be provided. Reviewer profiles will be added to Reviewer Directory.

If you have any questions, please email  

The different ways to be a reviewer / mentor:

Please note the stated time frames that reviewer support is required.

Apply to be a reviewer / mentor:

Please select areas in which you would like to volunteer as a reviewer / mentor.

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