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Ursula Canton

Ursula Canton




Glasgow Caledonian University

Job Title

Senior Lecturer


  • CeLP - Awarded: 2019

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Areas of Expertise

JLDHE Submission | CeP / CeLP Application | Research Funding Application | Mentor for a Research Funded Applicant | Communities of Practice


From a background in literature, theatre and linguistics, I zigzagged into Learning Development, where I found both interesting teaching opportunities, and a great field for applied, interdisciplinary research. My teaching focus is on embedding academic literacies and I am involved in research projects that examine the impact of writing interventions, the writing process and academic and professional literacies. As co-chair of ScotHELD, a formal and informal mentor at my institution and beyond, and a member of the working group behind the ALDinHE Mentoring Scheme and CeM, I have been involved in fostering professional development in LD.

Last modified: 30/05/2023

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