Critical Thinking: Introduction and Activity (with extra slides suitable for nursing students)

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Karen Hudson (University of Essex)


These PowerPoint slides feature a brief but useful exercise aimed at engaging undergraduate students at level 6 in critical thinking. The activity involves unpacking the process and finding parallels with academic work and professional practice, specifically for nursing students. The surrounding slides provide guidance from the author on how to unpack the process. The slide notes include detailed scripts, which have been tried and tested during the Covid lockdown in 2022 and are suitable for delivering the activity as a large webinar. However, users may prefer a more flexible approach for face-to-face sessions. This activity is also effective in 1:1 tutorials and smaller workshops or Zoom meetings.

Please note that some of the content is specific to nursing programmes and aims to establish links between academic and professional skills. If the activity is not relevant to your programmes, you will need to remove placement-specific content.


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About this resource

Students will be able to:

  • Define ‘criticality’ and ‘academic voice’.
  • Apply critical thinking to an everyday situation.
  • Make a decision and justify it.
  • Explain how a sound knowledge base underpins critical thinking.

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