Dealing with distractions

Activity time: 15 Minutes

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This is a resource includes tips and an idea for a peer-group activity which aims to help students find solutions for any work distractions.


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About this resource

This activity is included in the LearnHigher workshop, Get started and keep going. It can also be run as a standalone activity or embedded in subject teaching.

Like all LearnHigher resources, resources for this activity are freely available for use and adaptation for educational purposes under the terms of a Creative Commons Licence.

The activity

Dealing with distractions: working out some possible solutions

Working in small groups:

  • List three things on a post-it that distract you from study.
  • Hand these round the rest of the class, passing them on until do not know who has your list.
  • Discuss ways of dealing with the distractions listed in your group, then share with the whole group.


Our research has shown that students prioritise advice from their peers. Getting students to share with the whole group offers the presenter a chance to comment on peer-led strategies. Passing the post-its on several times ensures anonymity, and adds humour and informality.


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