Meeting roles for group work

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Mark Dawson (University of Bradford)


An overview of some of the roles in group project meetings. Includes an outline of responsibilities for chair, record keeper, time keeper and task manager.


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About this resource

Here are some examples of common roles that people take in a meeting situation:

  1. Meeting chair/facilitator
    This person must keep the conversation moving and on the right topics, ensure that everyone is having their say and summarise the current line of thinking and action.
  2. Record/note-keeper
    This person is responsible for writing the meeting notes and recording the actions for the next meeting.
  3. Time-keeper
    This person keeps an eye on the time and reminds people about the remaining items on the agenda if the group spends too long discussing something.
  4. Team Liaison/Task Manager
    This person is responsible for checking with everyone to ensure that progress is being made with their actions. This person also takes the lead in liaison with the tutor and/or other stakeholders.


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