The Three Liner

Activity time: 20 Minutes

Types of media: Handout/s, Webpage, Helpsheet, Word Document


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This resource provides an activity which aims to ensure students stay focused on the essay question. Students answer the essay question with a one-word answer, and then expand on this forming a basis for each paragraph, and so on.


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About this resource

This activity can help students structure a plan for their assignment.

The activity is good for ensuring that students actually answer the question posed in the assignment. In many coursework essays, students will simply write around the topic but never actually focus and answer the question. By completing this activity students will answer the question directly from the off and then also have a structure to build the rest of the piece on.

This activity could be undertaken with or without tutor supervision. Due to the focused nature of the activity it could only be applied to specific assignment questions and therefore some care needs to be taken in its use.


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