What’s on this month in ALDinHE – May 2021

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21st May 2021

Attend the next ICALLD symposium over time

Updating the Australian University Register of Academic Language and Learning Centres/Units

Hosted on Zoom at:

Friday May 21 at 8pm AEST

Friday May 21 at 10pm in Auckland,

Friday May 21 at 6am in Toronto

Friday May 21 at 11am in UK

Event Abstract:

The Australian University Register of Academic Language and Learning Centres/Units summarises the provision of Academic Language and Learning (ALL) services available across the Australian university sector. Information and data from 39 universities, government sources and ALL educators assisted production of the original AALL Register. This register was updated annually from 1993 to 2013, but it has not been updated since then. The aim of this AALL grant project was to update the Register in order to provide a current snapshot of ALL centres/units across Australian universities today. An online survey was used to ask how universities resource and support language and learning in the midst of the COVID pandemic and wide-ranging restructures. The findings compare and contrast recent changes as the presenters discuss the history of the Register, the AALL grant process, ethics and survey questions used to update the Australian University Register. The challenges encountered in navigating the current Australian university environment as well as current findings will be useful to inform policy makers, administrators and professional educators providing learning support in higher education. The Australian University Register will also be of interest to international associates who may wish to develop a similar register in their own country.

More details about this event.

Call for contributions to a new volume titled “A Compendium of Learning Development Practice”

View the call for contributions in pdf format

Submissions will be accepted until 11 June 2021.

Get involved! How do we learn to lead in a VUCA world?

We are creating an e-zine resource with ideas to move forward.

We want your stories!

  • What are your experiences of leadership?
  • What are your ambitions?
  • What are your challenges?
  • What are your successes?

Our aim is collect case studies together in an online magazine, with as many photos of us as possible.

Find out more about embracing the new: women leading and influencing in VUCA times.

The deadline for contributions is 16th May 2021.

ALDinHE Conference 2021

Delegates from ALDcon21 can listen to recordings of conference sessions. Catch up on any sessions you could not attend or re-listen to events you did attend.

Visit the conference website programme page and log in using the same user name and password that you used at the conference.

Are you interested in inclusivity or neurodiversity in post-compulsory education?

Register your interest to join our new Community of Practice 

The purpose of the group is to provide an informal, supportive environment within which professionals working in and around ‘Learning Development’ can interact and share experiences connected to neurodiversity and inclusivity. 

Research Methods and Practice CoP

Researching Learning Development and/or a Learning Developer doing research? ALDinHE’s Research Community of Practice could be for you. We established in Spring 2020 and currently have around 15 active members, meeting monthly to encourage ideas and foster collaboration. The CoP offers:

  • A sounding board or support – especially useful for those new to research, or for more experienced researchers wanting to support others.
  • ‘Critical friends’ to help with publications or conference presentations.
  • Opportunities to develop collaborative projects around shared interests.
  • A conduit to more formal mentoring through ALDinHE’s working groups.

Above all, our mission is to cultivate interest in researching and disseminating the praxis of learning development. We welcome enquiries from potential new members. If you are interested, please contact Ian Johnson (ian.johnson@port.ac.uk).

Discover more ways to get involved in ALDinHE and disseminate your research.

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