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Discover more about the people that make up our steering and working groups. If you are a practitioner in the Learning Development community and would like the opportunity to become actively involved in ALDinHE’s work through a variety of new and established Working Groups, please contact for more information.

Dr Jim Donohue

Jim Donohue

Jim is a member of the Learner Development Team at Manchester Metropolitan University and leads on academic and study skills in engineering and science. Between 2014-19, he was in the Learning Development/Thinking Writing team at Queen Mary University of London and before that was Head of Open English Language Teaching at The Open University, UK. He researches in the fields of academic and professional communication drawing on systemic functional linguistics, social semiotics, and Paulo Freirean learning theory. Jim is co-author of A language as social semiotic-based approach to teaching and learning in higher education (Wiley‐Blackwell, 2014, with Caroline Coffin) and Exploring Grammar: From Formal to Functional (Routledge, 2009, with Coffin and Sarah North). He has guest-edited and published in a number of language and learning journals and became editor at the JLDHE in 2021.

Dr Nicola Grayson

Nicola Grayson

Dr Nicola Grayson is a Learning Developer at the University of Manchester. Previously she has worked as an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University. She joined the editorial board of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education in 2020. Nicola’s areas of expertise include widening access to education, researcher development and measuring the impact of learning interventions. Nicola is has a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education academy, she is passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and supporting others.

Andy Hagyard

Andy Hagyard

Andy recently retired after 25 years in Higher Education, working in various roles in Educational and Professional Development at the Universities of Leeds and Lincoln. He was previously a member of the ALDinHE steering group and has been an editor of JLDHE since its launch in 2009. He continues to support the development of the journal in the role of Technical Editor, helping to maintain the online platform and supporting colleagues and users with technical issues.

Dr Jenny Hillman

Jenny Hillman

Jenny is a Personal Learning Advisor at the Open University. Previously, she has worked in Learning Development and mentoring roles at the University of Cumbria and Blackpool and the Fylde University Centre, and as a Lecturer in History at the University of Chester. Jenny’s interests are in widening participation, student wellbeing and helping those currently underrepresented in Higher Education to achieve their goals. Jenny is currently involved in research projects looking at digital inequality and the language and discourse of HE. She also publishes in the field of early modern French history. She joined the editorial board of the Journal in 2020.

Dr Eleanor Loughlin

Eleanor Loughlin

Eleanor has been an editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education since 2019. She is Manager of the Academic Skills Programme at Durham University and provides training and support on developing the skills students and researchers need to succeed at university. Eleanor is an Advance HE Fellow and has researched and published on research, academic and employability skills development, studying online and the transition to university.

Cathy Malone

Cathy Malone

Cathy is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at Oxford Brookes University and a Senior Fellow of Advance HE. She spent the first 15 years of her career as a TESOL tutor with stints in Greece, Hungary and Japan. In the UK she has worked in a range of Learning and Educational Development roles over the years. Cathy is particularly interested in writing development and collaborative practices across teams and communities. These interests converge in her work as an editor for JLDHE in exploring novel writing opportunities and supporting ‘writing up’ our practice as a community.

Dr Craig Morley

Craig Morley

Craig is a Learning Developer at the University of Manchester Library. He joined the editorial board of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education in 2018. Craig’s own research interests focus on academic reading and embedding strategies; he has published articles and presented at conferences on these subjects. He completed his PhD in Ancient History at the University of Liverpool in 2015 and earned Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2020.

Dr Gita Sedghi

Gita Sedghi

Gita is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. She is also a Principal Fellow of the HEA and National Teaching Fellow engaged in pedagogical research and exploring innovative teaching methodologies for undergraduate programmes. Her research is focused on peer assisted learning; inclusive teaching and learning for home and international students; as well as online assessment and formative feedback to enhance students’ performance and experience.

Dr Alicja Syska

Dr Alicja Syska

Steering Group Member
Chair of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Editorial Board

Alicja has been an editor at the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education since 2018 and a Co-Lead Editor since early 2019. She is a Learning Development Advisor at the University of Plymouth where she also teaches in History. Alicja is an Advance HE Senior Fellow and an ALDinHE Certified Leading Practitioner. She works closely with Arts and Humanities students and uses her hybrid role to promote effective embedding of learning development in subjects. She is particularly interested in the impact of learning development on student understanding and experience of writing within their disciplines.

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