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LearnHigher Resource Number of Downloads
What's the difference between description and critical analysis?21
Referencing exercises16
Excelling at critical analysis: a 3-stage method with an image13
Collaborative Matching Card Game for Critical Thinking and Visual Learning13
Critical Thinking: Introduction and Activity10
The Three Domains of Critical Reading9
Critical Thinking Card Game9
What is research?8
Videos to develop dissertation writing7
Writing clearly and concisely6
Inclusive Teaching: A Quick Guide for Module Leads and Lecturers6
How to structure your writing6
Active note-making skills5
Advanced referencing exercises5
Creative Learning Activity Cards5
Tips for writing a critical essay5
Approaching the Question5
Structure of reports5
Checklist: Editing & proofreading your assignment4
Checklist for effective reports4
Academic writing for reports4
Checking your assignments' references4
Essay writing pack4
Instruction words in essay questions4
Analyse This!!!4
What's the point of referencing?4
Evaluating academic sources using S.P.E.A.R.4
Reading in print and in digital: Strategies and choices4
Getting started with writing4
Reading Camp Resources3
How do I critically analyse my findings?3
Identify the sections of a report3
Farmers Communication Exercise3
Reference Properly-Part One: Citations3
Evaluating a source3
Designing for Diverse Learners3
Is a dissertation just a longer report?3
Assignment Paraphrase3
Group work booklet3
How to structure a paragraph3
Source Top Trumps3
'Cards Against' Feedback3
Essays: Conclusion paragraphs3
Academic writing for exams podcast2
Top Tips for Effective Presentations2
Notetaking for better learning and assessments2
What's the difference between reports and essays?2
The Three Liner2
Easy Proofreading Wins with Microsoft Word2
Using essay feedback workshop2
Learning from your assessment feedback2
What makes a good report?2
Text-scrolling with David Middlebrook2
References and bibliographies booklet2
Referencing Exercises2
Reference Properly-Part Two: Reference List2
Collect This!!!2
Top 10 tips on Designing Assessment Tasks2
The CDE Presentation Model2
Memory and exams2
Writing for Assignments E-library (Wrasse)2
What is academic writing?2
What is critical thinking?2
Group organisation2
Ground rules for group work2
Group Project Management2
Meeting roles for group work2
Assessment Introduction workshop2
Top 10 tips on Deterring Plagiarism2
Academic Reading: Handbook for students2
Induction booklet - template and examples2
Critical Reflection Forms2
Developing an Action Plan for Independent Learning2
Organise your report2
Focusing on the functions and qualities of writing using Wrasse2
Academic writing with free writing2
Critical Thinking in Everyday Life2
Learn Hacks1
(Re)Building Higher Education1
Making more hours in the day1
Using an academic glossary1
Creating your team1
Effective communication1
Example agenda and minutes for group work meetings1
Feedback and reflection in group work1
Groupwork role play1
Observing Conversations1
Assessment: Step-by-step1
Brainstorming ideas for your assessment1
Fake submission to practice resource submission1
Feedback action planning sheet1
Top 10 tips on Assessment for Learning1
Top 10 tips on Diversifying Assessment1
Top 10 tips on Inclusive Assessment1
Top 10 tips on Self-assessment Sheets1
Top 10 tips on Self, Peer and Group Assessment1
Referencing: staff development session1
Work-based Learning Contracts1
How do staff and students define critical thinking?1
Using Graphical Data – Activity1
Using Graphical Data1
Identify the audience and purpose1
Dealing with Distractions 21
Breaking bad habits: what do you need to change?1
Dealing with Distractions1
The 5 step plan1
Overcoming procrastination1
Employability Skills Assessment1
Six steps to success1
Planning your work1
How to start writing1
Feedforward check sheet1
Revision techniques podcast1
Notemaking: ten top tips1
Critical Evaluation of Evidence1
Notemaking in lectures1
Draw to Learn1
Reviewing your notes1
Free writing1
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